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Noticing is an entry point. Noticing is everything.

Noticing is an entry point. Noticing is everything.



The universe cannot resist authenticity. Life is conspiring for you to win. Always.- Danielle LaPorte

As I continue to grow this digital piece of my business, and delve into this conversation and practice of being in a more expansive space with you, you’ve been on my mind an awful lot.

The internet allows for such unique interaction. We connect in a whole different time/space continuum here. We have access to content that allows us to see each other in brand new ways. It’s so important to me that what I share, how we communicate is stable and oriented for you. For us both.

I like to cut right though the noise, right to the heart.

I’ve spent so much time thinking about your beauty, your brain. How hard it can be for you to keep all the pieces of your life in constant play. The way you connect with psychic-level depth to the people you love, but sometimes feel so isolated.

You are called to create something transcendant. You are called to use your insight in service of uplifting others, to a principle greater than all of us.

Inauthenticity gives you anxiety. You’re not just being contrary. You crave a more sincere justice and living among the arbitrary waves of collective opinion can make navigating your relationship to society challenging. It also makes you an incredibly effective leader.

You love intensely and attract others that do the same. You insulate yourself with like minds.

I can’t get enough of people like you.

Our work together goes beyond transaction.

It’s transformation. Plain and simple.

I want so much to support you, to share with you the most effective tools in my arsenal.

This big work, this big state of being requires foundation.  Your body is a great start. It is the vehicle that all of this intensity + desire gets to use to walk around the planet. To interact. To exchange. To participate. It’s the key to sustaining your creativity and connections.

We tend to think of the body in pieces. The parts that work, the parts that don’t, the parts that we ignore, cover, display. But the physical body is an emergent system. It can’t be reduced to cogs and gears, taken apart and analyzed in fragments. It is a cloud rather than a clock.

It’s dynamic, interactive and needs to be attended like the whole piece of your being that it is. Like you, like me, it needs to be seen, heard and fed so it can respond in kind. So it can become a safe space for your ideas, your experience, your profound sensitivity to the world. So it can keep you grounded while you spread your wings.

The three times you eat every day can be an active practice of noticing and appreciating your body. It can remind you to breathe between bites and taste your food.

Noticing is an entry point. Noticing is everything.

Your food choices are important but not as important as your presence. There is a lot of information I can give you about specific foods and how they can be preventive medicine, how they can amplify your body’s innate ability to heal itself – and I will…but it can be too easy to get caught up in details and forget the compassion.

So here, now, as a health coach,  that’s all I ask. Just notice. Eat, breathe, love, and practice kindness for yourself and others. If you choose farm fresh salad over fast food – fine. Good for you. But do it with an awareness of why. Let it be a joyful choice. If you choose the cheeseburger, do the same. Love each bite. Notice.

You’re not getting the perfect eating award either way. Insight will be your greatest ally.

I want to have a conversation with you that’s more about being than doing. About how I already see you in your natural state of grace where you are a magnet for inspiration and wealth rather than a pursuer of success, tailed by fear.


Leave me a comment, send me an email. I want to hear your thoughts and your stories. What would a conversation like this mean for your life? Your health? Your bottom line?





Photo credit Sarah Lee.





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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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3 Responses to Noticing is an entry point. Noticing is everything.

  1. Gloria says:

    You’re not just being contrary.

    I needed to hear this today.

    I love your words.

  2. Just found you today via Elephant Journal and I am so delighted. Your words are yummy!

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