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How to Jumpstart Your Revolution in 3 Easy Steps

How to Jumpstart Your Revolution in 3 Easy Steps

Do you realize that you are the fastest, most high-tech processor ever created? That your technology is far superior to anything out of HP or Intel or Nasa?

You, Lovely Human, are capable of  multi-faceted organization, complex emotions and infinitely more.

And unlike the slick silicon in your Mac book, you turn input into more than just raw data. You are capable of turning that input into art, compassion, music, and revolutions. You take in information and weave golden threads of story, strike bold painted strokes, unleash fervent beauty through the interplay of textiles and skin.

Perhaps you demystify coding, financials, relationships, helping others find sacred geometry in the details.

Whatever your gift, I assure you; it’s in place to aid the process for others. To serve. To help them gain clarity on their own experience as a budding conduit.

Darling, you are infinitely cool.


Every waking minute of every day you are digesting/processing food, media, conversations, energy, emotions (yours and those projected on to you).

Its enough to make you really tired, stressed, overwhelmed.

But I want you to really shine.

We all do.

Since whether you are creating transformation or dysfunction depends on what’s going in and how well you are digesting it, the more mindfully you choose, the more awesome your output.

The easiest and most profound way to ensure the awesome shine happens, is to care for your physical digestive system.

That is, the more quality, nourishing ingredients you eat, the more delicious and joyful the experience of eating is, the more effective you will be at whatever you love to do, whatever supports you. (Hopefully these two are the same.)

Also, the lighter, more flexible and full of vitality your body will be.

And if that isn’t enough, as a bonus, the more space you leave in your lovely system, the more room you have to receive other gifts, like:

  • Inspiration,
  • new relationships,
  • and even MONEY, ya’ll.

So I am actually suggesting that beautiful, colorful, nutrient dense whole foods will turn you into a gorgeous, successful revolutionary.

Yes. I. Am.

And all that mojo will draw your right people like moths.

Junk clogs your system with junk. Period. Vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains sweep, clear, and nourish.

But this can be easy to say…not always so easy to put into practice. Many of us have tried and tried to get rid of all the things we think we shouldn’t be eating, only to grab what’s fast and flavorful when we’re too tired to cook, when the cravings kick in and slide back into old patterns of failure and self loathing.

I feel you and really want to support you around that, because you are most certainly not a failure. And this doesn’t have to be so hard.

So what if you started by adding strong foods, rather than taking anything away?

I promise that the result is crowding out of foods and cravings that aren’t serving you, so you can be making controlled choices that make you feel fantastic!

Here are 3 easy ideas and simple recipes to get you started:


  • Add greens. Replace one meal a day with a colorful salad.
  • Add whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice or millet. Cook them simply and eat them with salad or fresh/steamed/roasted vegetables.
  • Add lemon, lime, cucumber or fresh mint to water for a refreshing drink to replace sugary sodas, energy drinks and bottled teas.

And for those of you that are really, READY to take your life to the next level  (you know who you are), hiring a Health Coach (like me!) to fully support your desire to incorporate new habits + to create a custom plan based on your lifestyle, concerns and budget is a gift to your self and your work.

It’s an investment with infinite financial and physical return. It’s a perfect fit. Every time.

Bespoke, Baby!

I would love to invite all of my sweet readers to contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation. A fantastic opportunity to air your health concerns and finally feel like your issues around food and health are truly heard, understood and supported.

Send me an email today meg {at} megworden {dot} com to hold your place. Tell your friends! My schedule fills up lightening-fast and I want to be able to help as many people as I can.

I truly can’t wait to see the righteous beauty you’ll be sharing with the world.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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