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Eat Like an Artist

Eat Like an Artist

First, I just want to end the year with a hearty thank you. A massive missive of gratitude to you. I am continually humbled and profoundly nourished by your generosity, love and support. You mean the world to me and your presence in my life is a dear gift. I mean it.

This year has been a crucible. Big, heavy, complex and brimming with the kind of painful losses that awaken raw clarity. Clarity that has forced me to make some incredibly difficult decisions. I can’t really say I’m sorry to see 2011 go, but I definitely tip my hat to it for pushing me to this place. Right now. Where I’m ready. So ready to take my work and my life to the next level of amazing. And to help you do the same.

So I put together this wee list of wicked ways for us nourish ourselves, and our artistic genius.



Oxygen is THE primary nutrient. Get as much as you can. Take long deep breaths before, during and after you go to bed, get out of bed, speak, respond, make a decision, eat something, drink something or smoke.

Don’t smoke. But if you do, breathe more than you smoke.

Hang around trees. They are making oxygen all day long and giving it away for free.  They are also willing to teach you how to be still, silent and patient, to have deep roots, a strong spine and arms that reach towards the sun.

Drink water. Drink more water than any other liquid. Have a glass of water right after you breathe and before doing any of the things above. Go have a glass of water right now.

If you drink coffee or wine or scotch, be moderate. Stop with the first flush. And always-always-always drink only the finest coffee, wine and scotch you can afford. This is non negotiable.

Eat Food. Real food. Beautiful food. Vibrant food. Living food. Eat many plants because plants are so smart they figured out how to turn sunlight directly into food. Eat that miracle every single day.

Eat food with people you love. Even if you’re alone.

Do not eat the inedible stuff that is pre-made, packaged, frozen, canned, is an unnatural color or comes from places of unspeakable cruelty and disease. But if any of this is, for whatever reason, the best of your available options…eat with grace and graciousness. Allow it to nourish you anyhow.

Same goes for meat, dairy and sugar. Not much. But if and when you do, with grace.

Move around. Find exercise you enjoy and do it. Try yoga.

Be still. Try meditation.

A strong, flexible, well-fed body with a wide range of motion and a tolerance for stillness will give all those ideas you’re going to have in 2012 a sound container to percolate in. It will make sure those ideas are so clear and righteous that they spring forth from your forehead fully formed like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. Immortal ideas, darling.

Feed your immortal ideas with music, art and literature that is so breathtakingly beautiful that your body hurts from the experience. Then write to the artist and tell them what their work meant to you.

Consume more art than news.

Do not stay in toxic relationships. Period. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance. That’s all I’ll say about this.

Do cultivate healthy relationships. Make time for people that inspire and uplift you. Consider these meetings with your brilliant friends and collaborators the most important part of your job.

Consider belly laughing till tears stream down your cheeks to be the most important part of your job.

Also consider time alone to nurture your immortal ideas the most important part of  your job.

And if you hate your job, for the love of all things, please do something else. Don’t let “the economy”  or any one or thing guilt you into being thankful for a job that is killing you. There is always another way.

Being an artist in the world- whether you write, paint, take photographs, grow orchids, craft wedding cakes, practice healing arts or create your own entrepreneurial income in any format is a big responsibility. It requires a tender sensitivity, exquisite bravery and deep, rhythmic tenacity. It can be, at times frightening and painful. Ask for help when you need it. Be alone when you need it. But do not, under any circumstances, stop. Because your work is crucial. In fact, the whole wide world waits with bated breath for your unique light to shine upon it.


This is your one precious life. You have arrived.


Photo credit: “Take Off” by my dear friend and artist Julie Blackmon. Find more of her work at as well as various galleries all over the world. And also, just cause it’s cool and I want want you to know – the boy in the image is my very own son.






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39 Responses to Eat Like an Artist

  1. Jim Garland says:

    You. Are. Fabulous. And I am honored to know your spirit.

  2. james says:

    wonderful sentiments. i share your view of the past year, a tough, wonderful, yet heartbreaking one. all the very best for 2012, in creativity, life, and living.

  3. Amanda says:

    Love this. Inside and out.

  4. megg says:

    I absolutely loved this! I follow you here from a link on FB and I am so glad I did, it is very nice to meet you!

  5. This is beautiful. Feel lucky that I came across it just before the new year. Thank you.

  6. Grace says:

    A tear fell from the corner of my heart as a smile spread across my soul. Thank you so much for being the most wonderful beautiful and inspiring darling I know.

  7. This made me cry. And then it made me nod my head in agreement. And then it made me want to improve. And then it made my heart swell with inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  8. Adore every syllable of this. After a month where I went more off track my regular habits than ever, this is just the burst of divine inspiration I needed to come home to nourishing myself. You continue to astonish me with just how marvelous you are. thank you thank you.

  9. Taryn Boyd says:

    Your words are amazing and poetic. Thank you! I am going to print this and read everyday! Ty,Ty, Ty!

  10. Lori Walters says:

    So wonderful to be introduced to you on this day, the eve of a refreshing new year! You(r words) rock! Be so well! Peace.

  11. Abby Kerr says:

    Gorgeous advice, Meg. Thank you for sharing your work in the world. Wishing you every good and beautiful thing in 2012.

    • mworden says:

      Why thank you, Abby, and right back at you. Your gorgeous work and your deep, abiding happiness in the new year.

  12. Graciel says:

    100% yes. Let the dining begin today. Your way with words is magical!

  13. Gina Cory says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I just want to give you a big, heart-felt hug.

  14. Happy No Fear – 2012 is the time to be our brilliance!

  15. Leela says:

    I don’t hang much stuff up, but this might need printing. And posting. This is just the nourishment I needed this morning. It’s so important to come back to the deep tidal push-pull of art and beauty at the root of all things. It’s all about lived beauty, after all. Not that lightweight surface-only, catch-your-breath brightness, but that deep beauty that even comes from the hard, the ugly, the twisted, the unexpected, the struggle…AND from the brilliance so bright you have to look away.

    • mworden says:

      “the deep tidal push-pull of art and beauty at the root of all things.”
      “lived beauty”
      “brilliance so bright you have to look away”

      Good grief, yes. Hello, soulmate. I’m so glad you’re here.

  16. Dear Meg,

    you’ve wrote these words as I would write them, too. Even though it doesn’t seem to be necessary any more, since you used words full of love, wisdom and understandig, and they fit perfectly.

    I found your “diet” via twitter, and I’m still stunned how everything falls into place the moment we decide to accept what we are…

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  17. Resolutions says:

    […] most fantastic thing I’ve read in a long while was from Meg Worden: Eat Like an Artist. I read it out loud to my husband (he liked it, also). Then, I printed it out and taped it to our […]

  18. I keep coming back to this post. You really hit it here. You are really living. Thanks for this! 2012!!

  19. stephanie says:

    thank you for those very wise words, it seems at this very pivotal part in my life. I appreciate your vision and look forward to learning and listening to your wisdoms.
    Take care,

    • mworden says:

      Looking so forward to hearing more from you as well, Stephanie. Your reading and commenting means a lot. Also, your kindness. Thank you so much for all of it. xo

  20. […] consuming more art than news […]

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