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Health, Wealth + Power 2.0

Health, Wealth + Power 2.0


Lately I’ve been writing stories about stories.

Telling some personal things to illustrate how everytime lifecrazy happens we are presented with an opportunity to choose how we will remember it, and how we will present it to the world.

Because it’s true. You get to choose which story to tell. Every time.

You can tell a story of failure and loss, or craft it into a beautiful adventure story  where you’re the hero who saves the day, aces the playlist, converts your friends to green juice, converts your kids to green juice, or redefines a whole social stigma that wasn’t really working anyway.

You can talk about how a thing made you weak and fearful, or how it made you strong and free.

It got me thinking about other things that need reframing. Specifically other words. Sometimes words get so weighty and loaded we forget what they originally meant and banish them from your lives so you can separate yourself from the negative side effects. But when you do that you lose mighty powerful bits of the banter.

So, here’s a few gems I’ve reworked. Bottoms up, lovelies.



How about, we say that instead of boulders, habits are skipping stones? Instead of being impossible impediments they’re sweet little tools to make wide, wide ripples in your life. It may take a minute to get your wrist flick just right, but with practice skipping stones will walk on water for you.



What if healthy had nothing to do with rigidity?  Instead, Healthiest You is absolutely relaxed, using seamless self care and mouth watering vegetables as a service to the world. Laughing and easy to love. Inspiring with your mad radiant flush. No one is going to admire your awesome hamstrings on the marble slab when you get laid out. But they will admire the way you spilled luminous good loving all over the land.



What if wealth means health? A healthy bank account, a healthy mind, body and hearth. And of course, batches and batches of people to brazenly love.



What if being rich means being like velvet? Or camembert? Textured, lush, fluid, and smooth.



Take out the greed and corruption and money is just currency. Currency means “condition of flow.” A current of  currency is the medicine that alleviates stress and pressure and gives you back your sense humor. Funny. Money.



What if having power simply means being empowered? Knowing where you end and other people begin. Being heard. Being able to hear. Moving mountains.



What if faith isn’t blind at all and having faith means knowing without doubt that you have everything you need and want? Faith is knowing your velveteen richness is nothing less than a perennial truth. Faith leaps.



Strength is still and silent. Brute compassion.



What if the one who surrenders is the gold medal winner? Letting blood back into your white knuckles and giving in to grace is anything but defeat.  How about surrender means that you choose the better, more sacred story about who you are. Every single time.


Oh, and aren’t these starfish pretty? They don’t need to be any different at all.


Any words you’ve redefined or you think need to be redefined? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Or email me. I absolutely love hearing from you.



Starfish image credits: TheMarque, Horia Varlan and rjones0856 all Flickr

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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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10 Responses to Health, Wealth + Power 2.0

  1. Jenny says:

    Meg, this message is so timely for me! I’m turning 42 tomorrow (pronounced: farty too) and I’m feeling that it’s time to change a LOT of my habits. I want to feel great in 20 years and I now know all too well how fast those years are going to fly by.

    I’m about to go gluten & sugar free (jury’s out on dairy for now) starting next week. After that gets stabilized, it’s time to tackle some of the more unhealthy habits o’ mine (smoking!)

    The image of my habits as stepping stones instead of huge boulders in my way feels so much more gentle and manageable. I feel like you wrote this just for me 🙂 Thank you, beauty!

    • mworden says:

      I’m so glad, Jenny. And so excited for these big changes you’re making for your good self. Let me know if you ever need help around that. You know it’s time for us to connect again by voice anyhow. Lets make a date and talk about all of it and a little bit of nothing. You in?

      • Destiny says:

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  2. Alane says:

    Glass is half full for sure. The starfish are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hope all is well

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