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Breathe. It Is Going To Be Okay.

Breathe. It Is Going To Be Okay.



Dear Darlings,

It is November and as the foliage falls in a last blaze of color we layer on our warm clothes and pull our loved ones closer. And often our busyness gets even busier. As much as we want to enjoy it, the anxiety can overwhelm.

As I write this there are still millions of Americans on the East Coast without power or resources and we are nearing the end of a very heated election season. People are experiencing scarcity, fear, isolation, cold, and core values are being threatened. Yet, there is still beauty and growth everywhere we look. There is still love. Hope lives. Hearts beat.

So, I want to give you permission to enjoy it. To relax. To recognize that you don’t have to do it all, be it all, subscribe to it all. That life really can be more spacious. Even fun.

Really. It can.

I want to give you permission to take a few things off of your to-do list. And to not apologize for that or for taking good care of yourself. Because it’s what everyone you care about needs from you right now. They need you to be whole, fed and full. They need that from you so they can do it for themselves.

Now is the time, when you don’t think there is enough time, to carve out ten minutes a day to meditate or just to sit quietly in stillness and notice that right this minute, today, everything is okay.

And sometimes even more than okay. This month I finally wrapped up the first draft of my book project. The memoir I’ve been writing about the two years I spent in Federal Prison for selling ecstasy. It’s a drug story. And a love story. It is a story about hunger and loss. But it is also a story about overcoming obstacles and finding freedom no matter where you might find yourself. A no excuses not to keep stepping despite it all story. I’ll keep you posted on its progress. I do hope you will want to read it.

Also, in the coming months I will be pouring much energy into the business, into writing more for the blog and giving you more great inspiration and resources for your life.

In the meantime, breathe. Sleep and eat well. Drink water, laugh, and string together as many moments of pure gratitude as you can. Consume art, music and literature. Take walks and hot baths. Eat your root vegetables. Call your mother.

You are amazing. And the world continually waits with bated breath for your light.

AND maybe you feel like you could use a little more ease? I’ve been hard at work with my wheelhouse of geniuses creating Embodiment 101 an awesome new audio series for you to easily, and affordably, habituate the inhabitation of your own skin.

Or just email me and say hello. I love hearing from you.




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Gorgeous bird painting by Adam S. Doyle


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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7 Responses to Breathe. It Is Going To Be Okay.

  1. Dr. Samantha says:

    Love. And the sun is peeking out. Don’t the leaves look so beautiful.

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  3. BalTelSZege says:

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  4. […] recently wrote a blog post about doing less, and I meant it. Rest is vital to your immune health. So, for one thing, I’m talking about […]

  5. Tammy R says:

    Meg, I just found your website. I adore your about me page. I love the message of this post and especially this line:

    “They need you to be whole, fed, and full.”

    For many years, I was running around attending to everyone else and not taking care of myself. Now that I am exercising and eating well, I am a lot more fun to be around. I think the message of your site is extremely important. When we take good care of ourselves, we are able to be better in all our relationships.

  6. Sandraea says:

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