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Turn Up The Music. And Please Pass The Pie.

Turn Up The Music. And Please Pass The Pie.

Dear Darlings,

I know you’re probably scrambling to finish your work day to get on with you long weekend so I am going to make this short and very, very sweet. Like pie sweet.

Last week I posted about holiday overwhelm and one of the suggestions I made was that you plan to take a nice long walk mid-festivities to east tension (should you need such a thing), get some air and space and keep your cute body in metabolizing mode.

This week I made you a playlist for your walk. Because music is awesome. And because one of the things I am most grateful for is YOU and the myriad ways you bless my life. So I really wanted to give you a present.

You totally deserve a present. Or two.

That’s right, two. So secondly, here is a stunning and simple pumpkin soup recipe from my pal Molly Norton’s blog, New Food Eden.

So, while I heavily encourage moderation tomorrow, I do hope you find your food and friends and family to be satisfying and delightful. Actually, I would be really keen to know what you’re doing if you feel so inclined to share. How do you celebrate? I’d love to hear your stories, ideas, recipes and even your harrowing tales of unintentional mayhem. Or you can just say hi. Because I absolutely love hearing from you.

To close, here is my all time favorite Deep Thought by Jack Handy (the old Saturday Night Live skit):


When you die, 

if you get a choice between going to Regular Heaven


Pie Heaven,

Choose Pie Heaven.

It might be a trick.

But if it’s not….

Mmmmmmmm, boy.


Have a great Thanksgiving, Americans. And big, thankful love to the rest of you earthlings.




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8 Responses to Turn Up The Music. And Please Pass The Pie.

  1. Jenn says:

    Happy T.G. greetings from Canada Meg. We enjoyed ours a month ago!
    great idea on the playlist! :) but…the link is broken :(, I get the 404 page…

    • mworden says:

      Hi and thank you, Jenn. Happy belated to you and still, much gratitude all around. I’m pretty sure I just fixed the link. Try again?

  2. Jenn says:

    Yes! got it! awesome.
    Thank you :)

  3. Molly says:

    Take a walk. So simple. Yet I never think to do it. Now I shall.

    Would love to hear suggestions of non-trad things to do over the holidays with the goal of bringing people together. Thanks, Meg!

  4. Grant Rice says:

    Thanks for the playlist, Meg. I look forward to listening.

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