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Feed Me Darling’s Hearty + Healthy Gift Guide

Feed Me Darling’s Hearty + Healthy Gift Guide

Usually we should strive to buy less, consume less, and before making any purchase, ask ourselves if what we’re buying is more valuable than the physical and mental space it will take up. (Most things aren’t). But in this season of gifting, I figured I’d do a little curating for you of things that I think would genuinely add to the lives of your lovelies.


1. Everyone should be drinking more water and it’s helpful to have a great water bottle to toss in your bag or in your car or even set on your desk while you work to make sure you get enough of the good stuff. I’m absolutely in love with this design from Square. Also, they donate 10% of profits to charity and you get to choose from a list which one you prefer.


2. Of course gift cards are a little less personal, but everyone appreciates a few extra dollars to spend at their local health food store, co-op, or even Whole Foods Market. For a more personal touch, most of these places will do custom gift baskets for you as well. Produce, tea, coffee, kale chips, organic wine…


3. Two of the best condiments in the world are even better together. Maldon Salt Flakes and White Truffle Oil. 


4. I can think of a million uses for this amazing salad bowl, or this incredible fruit bowl from Moma. But really, the best might be salad and fruit, because yum.


5. Dark Chocolate. Enough Said. Askinosie does it right on all fronts from farmer to flavor.


6. A classic Feed Bag for the farmer’s market this summer is great looking and uses profits to feed others. This one feeds one child a meal a day for a year. Which seriously puts things into perspective.


7. Support your local artists. Do it. They are barometers of the culture and distillers of truth and beauty. It is not easy work. Here is a seriously exquisite option:  Custom Dream Catchers from Rachel Rice at Cosmic American.


8. Book a massage. This is one of those things that many people find hard to justify or find time to do for themselves. Do them a solid and give an hour or more of sweet, sweet relaxation and circulation. If you’re in Portland, email me for a great reference that makes house calls.

9. Music. Music. Music. It does wonderful things for your brain. Give this priceless gift by paying for a premium Spotify membership for a month or more, an iTunes giftcard, or go all old school and give tickets to the symphony, a big concert, or take your pals out to see the best local talents in your town. I dig these Portland cuties, The Bottlecap Boys. You should check them out not matter where you are.


10. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “You always look so cool.” This statement rings especially true with a great pair of sunglasses. Help your loved ones protect their precious vision and also look all iconic and stuff with a new pair of Ray Bans. (Note: If you need my mailing address for this one, just ask.)


11. Donate to a Kickstarter Project or Indiegogo in your friend’s name. Again I’m on about supporting the arts…do it. Because seriously, our lives depend on art. A world without art wouldn’t be worth living. Art saves lives. If you just don’t know which one to donate to, here is one. And here is another one.


12. You have full permission to regift. But only if the thing you are giving is wonderful and will really mean something to the person you give it to. This is not an excuse to unload crap you don’t want. Haul that stuff to the Goodwill. This is reserved for your best loved, but rarely used items. Despite its bad rap, there is actually something really special about passing on treasures to your treasured ones. It’s not about the money but the meaning, ya’ll. Regifting is kind of the new black.


13. Books. Books. Books. Support the hearts and brains of the people you love. Here are my two new favorite food books – The Sprouted Kitchen   +  Roots. But also, buy art books, coffee table books, and especially literature.


14. Housecleaning Services make a great gift. It’s almost like the opposite of a traditional gift. Instead of taking up space in someone’s life you are giving them more of it. And space is awesome. See, clutter constricts our living and our brain space. Undone chores do as well. Give your pals a mini vacation and send a housekeeper their way for the day. In Portland and need a great recommendation? Email me.


Ultimately, let’s keep the goal in mind of more ease and less effort. Let’s do everything we can this year to celebrate our lives, our friends and our families by thinking of new ways to support each other’s health rather than adding more stress and clutter. Do you have any great gift ideas? Or non-gift ideas? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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8 Responses to Feed Me Darling’s Hearty + Healthy Gift Guide

  1. Paulette says:

    Excellent post…thank you Meg! From one portlandian to another! I love the refitting post, and your support of the arts…oh yeah!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE how widespread your list is… from salad bowls to Ray Bans! You’re adorable.

    Also, a good salad bowl is a no-brainer gift for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, bachelorettes…. Ok, maybe not bachelorettes. But seriously folks – salad for the win!

    • mworden says:

      Ha. Thanks, Rebecca! I’m a firm believer that being a mindful consumer and health conscious person shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. Love those Ray Bans. And salad indeed. Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Gina Sanchz says:

    i like to spend my mini-vacations on a tropical island with lots of coconut.,

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