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The Little Things

The Little Things


We made it through another year. 

I’m writing from an unusually sunny Portland, Oregon and thinking about how grateful I am for all of you. How we have made it through another year of a  life that is both complicated and simple, full of struggle and ease, and no matter what we do, it will always be rearranging itself back into hopefulness from loss. Again and again.

And though we have the opportunity to do so every single day, today more than all the others brings the energy of fresh starts and all of the big things we will do that will make this one better than the last.

So I want to say YES to that. Do those things. But I also want to remind you that it’s not just the big things. In fact it almost never is the big things.

It’s the tiny things we do everyday. 
The littlest choices we make, every single day with love, that add up over time.

And that really, the bravest, most epic act is to just keep going.

I’m infinitely inspired by every single one of you and so glad you are here.


Happy New Year. 

May we all bring more ease, spaciousness and peace to 2013. 

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