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The Second Most Important Thing You Need

The Second Most Important Thing You Need


I go on about breathing all the time. Anyone who has been around me for any time at all knows this about my going on about breathing.

Do it now, I’ll say.

You’re not doing it.


Because it is so important. It makes space in your body, it calms your nerves, it feeds your blood and your brain.

Oxygen is the most important thing you consume.

The second most important thing you consume is water.

And that is what this post is about. But I couldn’t help but make you breathe first. It’s my favorite because I want to live in a world where people have brains full of oxygen. There isn’t always enough of that going around.

So, water.

For many obvious physical reasons, drinking water is a big deal. We are mostly made out of water, you guys.

The human body is over 60% water. Your blood, 92%, your brain and muscles 72% and even your bones have water are 22% water.

This is easy to forget, because we think we are solid creatures, heavy, staid, unmoveable, unchangeable. It feels like we will always be this way. We are eternally wanting something different and feeling like change will never come.

Which is weird and totally not true.

We are, in fact, fluid, maleable, constantly changing. We are also, despite feeling frantic and impatient, capeable of phenomenal strength and patience. Just like water.

We are evolving at warp speed whether or not we choose to co-pilot that ride, whether or not we add water.

Water just lubricates the situation, adds to the ease.

Think about how you have changed shape so much already in this one life. The you that sees you brushing your teeth in the mirror is the same you that watched you brush your teeth when you were four, but the person who was reflected back to you this morning is totally different. You are unrecognizeably different.

You are made of flexible, flowing water.

Water can fit into any container but will not be contained.

Water changes its shape and changes the shape of the planet, drop by drop by drop. 

The Grand Canyon – that gigantic thing was made by water.

Drinking water curbs your hunger and keeps you internally clean and hydrated. It keeps you from stagnating or storing toxic stuff in your cells.

Stagnating is really boring. It’s hamster-wheeling. It’s doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. And you know what that is – insanity. Boring.

Also, your cells need regular baths.

Drinking water keeps you moving. And I don’t just mean digesting, even though there is that. I also mean growing, taking on new and interesting shapes and then changing those shapes and containers again when they become confining rather than safe.

Water makes subtle shifts that result in whole new directions.

Water finds cracks to fill. It carves out great and gorgeous new spaces in marathon millenia, never sprints. Water waits. And water wins. Every time. 

Water feeds the planet. Which, by the way is made up of water mostly.

When you drink water you get to be more like that.

So, Go. Drink water. Don’t stress too much on how much you “should” be drinking. Just keep it around. Drink it whenever you think about it. Drink a tall glass first thing in the morning. Drink it when you feel hungry, before eating. Drink several glasses a day. Get a water bottle and fill it. Make it a habit and your body will tell you when it’s thirsty. You don’t have to worry water. That is missing the point. You just have to drink it. Soda won’t work. It’s not the same.

Here are some things you can add to your water if you feel like it:

Lemon, lime, cucumber, rose water, chloroxygen, flower essences, mint.

And so you know, after oxygen and water, the most important things you consume still aren’t Goldfish Crackers. Or even dark, leafy greens.

The next most important things on the list of important things are art, prose, music, and your boyfriend’s face.

Kiss him already. Do it now.

You’re not doing it.







1. Feel free to switch “boyfriend” to girlfriend, husband, wife, spaniel etc… also corresponding gender pronouns.

2. Water stats came from here:

3. I don’t know where this fantastic image came from. If you do, I would love to know. If it is yours and you want me to remove it, consider it done. If it is yours, I also think you are awesome and I’d like to see more of your work. 





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6 Responses to The Second Most Important Thing You Need

  1. Julie Swenson says:

    We forget the simplest things. Thank you for the beautifully-worded reminder. Hearts.

  2. Ashley says:

    This comment is not so much in response to this post, but a thank you to you after listening to you tonight on OPB. Thank you for your words, your courage, and your inspiration. You help us all to believe that ALL things are possible in ALL circumstances.

  3. claire stone says:

    Fab way to explain about water. People always ask how much they should drink, and I’m just going to point them this way when they think I am weird for not having a firm statistic for them!

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