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August Break + Raising The Bar

August Break + Raising The Bar

So far this summer has been beyond incredible. Every time I think the most phenomenal thing has happened, something even better does.

The weather has been perfect. And that’s just one thing.

Early in, I set an intention to raise the bar. And did many things to support it.

And one thing led to another, and things started to go really right. With a lot less effort and a lot more ease.



I mean, it comes in waves, you know. You decide to move some mountains and you do. Then there is some kind of catharsis and new clarity, and then you go along flat ground for a bit, until another mountain range inevitably comes into view and you have to do it all over. Ah, life.

While I’m on it, I am taking advantage of the flat ground to restake my foundation. I’m having a lot of fun, and fully enjoying the peace, because living while I’m here is non-negotiable.

It should be for you too. 

But I also feel the importance of making some emotional, physical and spiritual sacrifices to strengthen the new ground, and ready myself and my business for the next mountain range.

I am a firm believer that sacristy can be infused into the ordinary with intention and action.

I fucking love a challenge.

Also that the impossible is just dying to be called out as probable, or even…attainable.

Really good things are coming.

So here is the agenda for August.

I’m going dark on Twitter and Facebook for a week, starting tomorrow, Saturday August 3rd. I need to disconnect and spend more time interfacing with trees and faces.

I’m doing a food cleanse. I’ll be cutting out all of the inflammatories and eating entirely plant based for the month. There are all different ways to do cleanses. This is the one that works for me.

I have a reading list, a walking, yoga, meditation, prayer, writing and art plan. I bought a Kindle.

I’m excited.

Usually when I do things like this it feels really personal. Not like something I would write a blog post about and publicize. But I’m telling you for a couple of reasons. First, I need you to know that while I’m not going to be around on social media, that I will be available by email – (Hello at megworden dot com). I am also telling you because, hopefully, it might be a reminder for you to take some time out and restake your own foundation. It’s really important.

Do you already have plans to do this? I would love to hear them.

Do you want to make a plan but don’t know what to do? Do you find it all so overwhelming you can’t seem to come up with a plan? It’s okay. Breathe.

I can help you find the best, easiest things you can do, that will have the most powerful impact on your life + work, that will help you be in less ease and more effort, that will raise your bar.

Among other things.

Perhaps we should be working together.

At the very least, please know that you are not alone. And that taking care of yourself makes you a gorgeous force of nature.


A little bar-raising best of the internet for you:

This article:

The Short and Sweet Guide to Being Fucking Awesome

And by far the best investment to protect and grow your small business, like, ever.

Small Business Bodyguard

And this Tiny Desk Concert from NPR with my most favorite band, The National.

Good music rules.


So, how will you raise the bar this year?


image by me.

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  1. you are awesome.

    like, so awesome.

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