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The Power of Reinvention

The Power of Reinvention

Hello again, you guys.

It’s been a minute. I took a step back from the internet to regroup and do some redesign. I did a fantastic food cleanse. I read books and studied up on the legalities of being a business owner. I also made some big decisions as a parent, raising the bar for my good kiddo. It was totally worth it. But I’m glad to be back.

My job is awesome.

For a lot of reasons. But one of them is the flexibility to grow and change.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you ate the same food every day, or wore the same clothes for decades?

Some people do, I guess. I mean, I saw Fabio a few months ago at a Whole Foods market. He was hawking some protein powder and looked exactly the same as he did eighty-three years ago when he got hit by that goose on a roller coaster. Wait. Did that goose thing actually even happen? Or was that some twisted dream I had back during my misspent youth? Oh, I don’t even know and I’m not going to bother Googling it. Eighty-three years ago was a really long time ago.

The point is that, for most of us, change is good. Keeping things fresh is good. Staying current in your healthcare, your style and your business life is paramount to being in the world. Life is too damn long to be a one hit wonder. Or to wear the same jeans, or cling to your peak years as a Harlequin Romance model.

Being mindful enough to stay current keeps your foundation strong, so you can grow.


So I am super excited about my NEW website and brand design. Thanks to Illana Burk, the genius behind Makeness Media, I am rolling in the fresh. It feels like I just got a whole new wardrobe. A whole new lease on life!

I mean it. It’s that good.

There is also this fantastic video commercial that Michael Richeson of Storybrand Productions made of my Love Salad from Salad Alchemy. You should totally full screen that baby because it is super lush.

Sooooo, to celebrate all this new, because of course there needs to be celebrating. And there needs to be YOU….I am giving away FREE copies of Salad Alchemy this week. 

I am also offering FREE 30 minute coaching sessions, because I want to do whatever it takes to get you into a peaceful place with your health. I also like talking to you.

Good health is a really big deal. It is the foundation of absolutely everything you do. It is the catalyst for your ability to redefine, redesign and reinvent. It is THE foundation.

Being healthy is regenerating instead of degenerating. (It is also not the sanctimonious, humorless nightmare that it is portrayed as sometimes. Promise, it really doesn’t have to be that.)

You can still eat tacos. Life needs tacos.

My specialty is teaching you how to live while you are here, to live a winning life that feeds your work, rather than the other way around.

How to do it all with more ease and less effort. Loads and loads of loving.

And I have a whole lot more to share with you. So we should talk. Want to?

Feel free just leave a comment or send me an email and say hi. Tell me what you are reading or watching or planting or crying/laughing about. I absolutely love hearing from you.


The image is of a Japanese art form called Kintsugi, where broken pottery is repaired with gold or silver. The idea is that, sometimes, things are even more beautiful after they have been broken. We all have cracks. Like Leonard Cohen says, those cracks can be where the light gets in. Or where you keep your gold.

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5 Responses to The Power of Reinvention

  1. Jamie Campa says:

    You’re inspiring & I am thankful that our paths have crossed.
    That is all. Carry on being epic. 🙂

  2. p. says:

    The thing is …….. YOU are awesome. This piece gave me a lovely, peaceful, deep breath….my shoulders relaxed, a calm arrived, noticing and breathing the sweet morning fragrance and sun on my face.
    I love the illustration of Kintsugi,”……those cracks can be where the light gets in.”
    Nice piece.

    • mworden says:

      Thanks for reading, p. I really like it when things I say make people feel relaxed. It’s pretty much the best. Have a great rest of your day. xm

  3. […] really excited to talk to. In addition to my clients, I had offered free 30 minute sessions in my last post and they had been going exceedingly well. I had been heartily looking […]

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