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All The Things

All The Things

So, sometimes there are so many things to share, sometimes there are so many people sharing with me, I just need to make a list. So here it is. Some things that I’m doing and some things some of my people are doing that I want to tell you about.

All The Things

All The Things

1. Recently I have been really fortunate to be a guest on some brill podcasts. These are well worth hearing and sharing. They are like blog posts for your ears!


2. This is the last call for my in-person health coaching group for Portland women. How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind. If you are a busy professional or creative professional who consistently puts your health last on your priority list, this group is for you. We bring more ease and less effort to your plan. I’ll help you redefine health from something you should do to something you get to do in this super rich and lovely life of yours.


3. Not in Portland? Not a woman? Cursing me for being exclusive and wishing you could do #2 too? Well, simmer down, because I got your back. I am collecting names of people who might be interested in doing an online version. Call/email/fax/create an interpretive dance of interest for me!  Or perhaps, we should be working together in private sessions. I have 4 current openings for private clients.


4. Last weekend was all kinds of rich. I went to a wedding of a dear friend in the San Juan Islands. -HyC0WFvECs_b6uvRkmgVZTWSzbgq5mLkLKEGvCIfPgCelebrating love is my favorite. On my way, I stopped in Seattle to go to a concert with another friend, Andrea Lewicki, who turns life into art for a living. I know, right? Andrea brings a beautiful design ascetic to everyday objects in a way I have never seen before. In addition to seeing The National together (swoon city for this fangirl), we got some time to talk a little business and she let me open one of the boxes she sends out for her Quartz Annual Subscription.

Some of the Things (Quartz Annual)

Some of the Things (Quartz Annual)

It was not just art, but a full sensory art experience. Nature, painting, poetry, packaging… so simple, so lush. I figured you needed to know such a thing was in the world. Please check out what she is doing. Art really does save lives.







5. And two weekends ago, as part of a bigger, personal project around parenting, unschooling and my relationship with my boy, me and he did a photo shoot with friend + photographer, Heaven Mcarthur of Green Chair Studios. I wanted to share this culmination of the shoot with you because the loud and clear message is – The Paramount Importance of Play. Also: Party clothes were made for swimming.

Click image for the full Wild Child Slideshow.

Click image for the full Wild Child Slideshow.

Also: Creating images creates memories, explores ideas and relationships and captures beauty in the moments between the moments — where life happens. If you don’t already know Heaven, you should. One of the cool things about her (besides her uncanny ability to see and reflect BEAUTY) is that she is nomadic and likely will pass through your area one of these days. She is now on her way east, and to London and has openings. Remember, nothing important ever happens without the help and support of other people.


Next Up: Back to story-centric writing.


In the meantime, leave a comment or send me an email. Tell me what you have been up to, whose work you are loving lately. Or just say hello. Hearing from you is the best.


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12 Responses to All The Things

  1. Kara says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog! I was so touched by your interview on Blogcast FM. What I found especially inspiring was that even while in prison, you found a way to express gratitude. This shows that even in the darkest of places, we can find light. All we need to do is change our mind about how we see the world.

    Thank you again for sharing your story and reminding me of all the abundance in my life!

    • mworden says:

      I’m so happy you are here as well, Kara. That Blogcast interview was really special. Srini really knows how to get good words out of people.
      I am looking forward to hearing more from you!

    • mworden says:

      Thank you so much, Kara. I agree wholeheartedly about finding light in dark places. So glad you are here.

  2. Tanya says:

    I absolutely adore you! It’s not the first time I have thought that, but right now, I am feeling it so deeply that I had to say it out loud.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us Meg. You always bring a sense of celebration – and for that, I am grateful, and delighted!

  3. claire stone says:

    Wow, a great post, with loads of cool stuff. But most of all, I love the photos of you with your wonderful son. It’s totally inspired me to make sure I get some great photos of my kids playing before too long.
    Wishing you all the best with EVERYTHING!!

    • mworden says:

      DO IT, Claire. I could barely articulate in the post how amazing it was. It was more than a shoot and photos. Something special happened between us as a result of being able to do and then see. Does that make any sense? It was really cool. I really believe that part of that is the magic of my photographer, who goes into these things with such intention. It was really special. I couldn’t be happier that I did it.

  4. claire stone says:

    It’s now one of my new goals! The word ‘magical’ is often over-used, but those photos really are magical. They have captured that true essence between you, and have made me realise that one of the things I crave is a beautiful set of photos of my girls to savour and capture exactly that magic.

  5. Hi Meg,

    I’m a stone’s throw away in Seattle, and love the San Juans, so certainly appreciate the beauty there.

    Glad I found you through our friend, Srini. That BlogcastFM show is now one of my favorites. A pretty damn inspirational story. I’m sure you’ve motivated more than a few out of their “woe is me” mindset.

    We’re now making some very big changes of our own … my family, that is. Fun stuff I’ll be writing about on a brand spankin’ new blog … nothing like your story of course, but it shall be interesting and adventurous.

    • mworden says:

      Hi Craig! Thank you so much for being here and being a fan of that show. It was a really fun interview. Very best to you during your family transitions. Keep me posted on your new blog. 🙂

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