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Healthy, Hearty Gift Ideas – 2013

Healthy, Hearty Gift Ideas – 2013

Here is a (by no means comprehensive but utterly fantastic) list of things that will make the perfect gift for all sorts of humans. Gifting can be confusing. Consumerism can be annoying. Holidays can be nothing but the stress of obligation. Please know that you are also welcome to buy nothing at all. Or to just pick up a few of these sweet things for yourself. Above all things, just don’t do anything that doesn’t make you feel winning. Hopefully this list helps in some way.

1. Give you or yourself loved ones the chance to be a part of art history with this coloring book from artist Catherine Haley Epstein. This might be my new favorite thing of all the things I own. This coloring book is not just fun, it’s meditative, it’s instructive, it’s a rabbit hole full of rabbit holes of stories and connections and the relationship between art and culture and us… basically it’s medicine. Art medicine. Catherine even invites you to email colored images to be a part of a larger collective project based on this book. (Some nudity and mature subject matter, though nothing you wouldn’t find at MoMa. So I say, kid appropriate).

In a True Democracy the Many are Obligated to the Few



2. With our without the coloring book above. These colored pencils are soft and velvety and make a great gift for any one with hands and eyes and ideas.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils



3. One of the coolest games ever invented. Hilarious, creative and based solely on your ability to tell stories. You can be as weird or wonderful as you like. Everyone wins! (But not in a weird no one actually wins way. You can totally kill in it.)

Story War



4. Rachael Rice is pure Etsy magic. Her dreamcatchers are the Stevie Nicks of dreamcatchers. Wearing her earrings is like being kissed on the neck all day long by stars.

Cosmic American Etsy Store



5. Essential Oils are a longtime favorite. I grew up with a mom who used them for everything from medicine to food to home made soap and beauty products. There is nothing like healing, high quality oils for health. Recently I became a DoTerra distributer to save money on my oils and because I love the product. Oils, as the case may be, also make amazing gifts. My favorites are Frankincense, Lavender, On Guard, Elevate and Ylang Ylang. Questions? Want to pay less than retail? Membership is actually super affordable also. Happy to help you. We all win that way.




6. Give the gift of food, health and a whole community of laughing FOR LIFE. The Feed Me Darling Health Club is recipes, grocery lists, ideas, accountability, conversation, support, access, attitude, affirmations, stories, tenderness, hilarity and heart. Basically there is no better way to start off a year. Every year.

And because it’s mine and I can. How about $100 off the regular price this month? Seriously? Seriously.

Special Holiday Price is here for you.



7. Buy someone a gift certificate for Housekeeping or personal organizing. This is the best. gift. ever. Need recommendations for the Portland area? Just ask me. I have the very best people.



8. So pretty much anything made of cashmere is lush. But, recently I was given a cashmere hot water bottle cover and it, and I, might be heading for wedded bliss. Give the gift of warm love anytime without all the backtalk.

Cashmere Hot Water Bottle



9. One of my favorite suggestions for people trying to get healthier is to upgrade their food. Love tater tots? Popcorn? Avocados? Pasta? Instead of villifying foods and eating them in a haze of denial and angst, try making them the most amazing and delicious they can be and enjoy every bite. The easiest way to do this is with a great salt (love Maldon the most) and an exotic addition like white truffle oil. Instaluxe.



10. Music. It saves lives.

Spotify Premium



11. A great pair of socks doesn’t have to be cliche and boring. They can be the most perfect thing. They make them for men, women and kids.

Smart Wool Socks



12. And then you became a hero the world over. Get someone a kindle and it’s like you just gave them all of the books to read wherever they are.

Paperwhite Kindle



12. Toys for kids and adults. Design for everyone. This classic Charles and Rae Eames House of Cards combines elemental art with endless possibility and serious cache. Great host gift.



13. By far the best thing for your face since smiling was invented. This Chanel Lip Treatment pretty much makes being in the world softer and a hell of a lot classier. And if you are feeling generous, feel free to send some my way because I’m out and deserve all the Chanel. Ahem. Love you. I mean it.



For a million reasons today and everyday, I think you are amazing. I hope this holiday season continues to exclude all of the things you don’t want to do and be insanely full of only things that nourish and comfort you.

You deserve all the love.


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