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To Longer Days and Laughing

To Longer Days and Laughing

Here we are. Nearly at the end of another year.

For those of us who celebrate The Christmas, it is happening now. We do. This means pie and presents will go down this week. Jimmy Stewart and Will Ferrell will both make an appearance.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am deep into my winter hibernation. There gets to be a point in the winter months that the largest part of what goes on inside of my head are half-baked ideas, marinating their way to something bigger. Forming sentences out loud can be an exercise in hilarity. My energy wanes early and is usually spent by late afternoon. While I look forward to the return of the light, I need the darkness and the silence to recollect and recalibrate from the past year, get ready for the next one. I say no to a lot of good things. I taper off of social media and socializing to do puzzles and board games with my boy. Whether he likes it or not. Mostly he does. When he forgets to feign tween irritation he’s a righteous trash talker and a great sport.

I’m excited for all of the amazing things happening next year. Especially for my new Health Coaching group starting in January (online so you can join wherever you are in the world). I love bringing new people and their stories and energy into the Feed Me Darling community. Getting to help you guys get healthier so you can be more productive, do more art, write more, feel better, be less talk and more action is my favorite. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles is a specialty. There are a few spaces left for this very small collective. Email me to get on the list.

And I would also love to know more about what you guys would like hear from me. What do you find most helpful? What do you want more of? A healthy body, business, and relationships open the doors of opportunity. Where are you on this spectrum? Send me an email and tell me more about you. Even better –send me an email and let’s set up some time to talk on the phone. I would love to do as many free 30 minute consultations in the new year as I can fit into my calendar. We should get to know each other better.

solsticeLastly, if you missed it, my last post about gift ideas doubles as a great list of things that will keep you laughing and help you enjoy the rest of the winter while you wait for longer days.

You are phenomenal. That is a fact. And I feel super lucky to have you in my world.


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2 Responses to To Longer Days and Laughing

  1. I call this time of year puzzle season. All my single “fabulous” friends say I’m a dork because of my obsession with PJs and puzzles. Then they come over and sit down for just a sec to put one piece together and they end up staying all night puzzling. It is so relaxing to just focus on little pieces of cardboard neatly fitting together 🙂 Happy Holidays, Meg.

    • mworden says:

      Puzzles are THE BEST. I’m a total dork about them too, Kathleen. They are super relaxing. Happy Holidays to you also! Love!

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