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Health is a Vehicle. Not a destination.

Health is a Vehicle. Not a destination.


Health is the car you take to the beach.

When you get to the beach, you don’t sit in the car just looking at the water. You get out of the car and run into the waves, right?

In this metaphor, the beach is all of the cool things you want to do with your life. Run your business the way you want? Write the book? Make a real living with your art? Raise your kids to be kind? Succeed at love?

Health will get you there.

Your strong, flexible body, your clear digestive system, your active metabolism and sharp thinking will be the thing that makes all of the other things possible.

Health is a pathway to art.

Health is not a pathway to kale and judgement and being boring at cocktail parties.

And you’re smart. I know that you know what you should be doing to be healthier.

But you’re busy. You’re in a world of conflicting information and really, sometimes the things you think you should be doing are outsized, unclear and overwhelming. So you do nothing. Or you do everything for a little while before burning out and retreating back into shoulds and despair.

Fortunately, success has way less to do with what you know than with who is supporting you. It’s more about being realistic, objective and tenacious enough to just keep showing up to the tiniest of actions.

Online Coaching GroupBeing supported, being realistic and showing up is what we’re going to be doing in the Feed Me Darling Online Coaching Group starting January 14th. We’ll figure out exactly what things you need to feel fully fed and energized in ALL the parts of your life. I don’t want you to spend any time obsessing over your food and body. I want you to get on with doing other cool things. No dogma. No extremes. No drama.

And if joining a group is more than you have time for, you shouldn’t even do that.

But if you really do want to improve your health and life, take a stand for yourself and a meaningful life…this is a wonderful place to start.


“Meg holds space like a motherfucker” – real client testimonial


I only have a couple of open spaces left. I am keeping it small so everyone gets plenty of one on one coaching during our calls. So, if you are interested, contact me right away. Click here for more information. Still have questions? Email me and we can set up a time to talk.

I hope the New Year is starting out with some sweet harmony and clear purpose for all of you.



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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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One Response to Health is a Vehicle. Not a destination.

  1. Heidi Smith says:

    Hi Meg, I love that “health is the car you take to the beach”. Luckily my physical health is great, and although I have a clear path for emotional healing, I’m still struggling with the after effects of 16 years marriage to someone whose mental illness has been the captain of my ship. Egads, the things we do to ourselves to make life good for others! Its tragic. Hopefully, I’ve learned a lot of good stuff from the experience and won’t make the same choices. I’m going to take your metaphor and make myself a new healthy emotional car, so that I can really feel my worthiness to be loved. Then, I’m taking it to the beach!

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