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Installations Of Light: The Missing You Post

Installations Of Light: The Missing You Post

So, good grief, how are you?

That thing has happened again, where so much time goes by since the last time we talked, and now there’s so much to say, I don’t even know where to start, and it feels like it’s going to be an hours long conversation. But I’ll sum up with lists and links.

Because I miss you and I can’t stay away a second longer.

I’ve been doing more things off of the Internet than on it over the past months. Which has been nice. Sometimes it just gets to be too much with the repetition of certain words and an excess of information. Remember when words got to keep their meaning for years at a time because they weren’t constantly scrolling past our tired faces? Inspiration! Quinoa! World’s Largest Gerbil! Webinar! Just kidding about webinar. That word has, and never will be, okay.

And saying it now just made me part of the problem. Erp. Sorry.

I’m easily overwhelmed online.

Sometimes the Internet is a magnificent connecter of bright minds and wrinkler of time and space, but sometimes it’s just really crowded. Fortunately, it still brings me to you.


In January, I reached client capacity! This means I spend all the hours I want talking to the coolest people I could ever imagine getting to interact with. I still have spaces opening up, but doing what I love most of the time is pretty great.

Because of all the busy, I hired help. Kate O’Brien; owner of Understory Creative has strategy and organization skills that have been like scaffolding for my right-sided, sometimes slightly attention deficient brain waves. She is all fortification, systems, and humor galore.

Galore. Galore. Galore. Anyone else think of The Gore of Yore when you hear this word? SEE WHY I NEED A KATE?


In April, I had a stellar time at the Instigator Experience in Los Angeles. I got to speak to a whole bunch of humans with their big ideas about why health and vitality are essential to success. There were tacos and dancing and crazy goodness bandied about. Dave Conrey, Erika Lyremark, and I were photobombed by a unicorn, which somehow led to this conversation on Fresh Rag.


While in LA, I hit up LACMA for some James Turrell, whose genius for using light as the subject, rather than just the vehicle to view a subject, is now an obsession.

For the record, I consider you to be an Installation of Light.


Another swell podcast interview for The Unmistakable Creative with Srini Rao happened. We talked about re-integrating after a powerful emotional experience, being a lifelong seeker, and telling your life as a love story.


It was an honor sitting on the judging panel of Defy Ventures’ final business competition in New York City. I’ve written about this crowd before and the work they are doing helping ex-cons develop straight businesses hits so close to home. I always say yes when they ask me to help.

By the way, they need mentors and financial supporters for the newest class of Entrepreneurs In Training (EIT’s) and for their upcoming expansion. I know many of you are business owners and smart people of varying professions, education, and skills. If you believe that love and skills can change lives, you should help out too. If you don’t believe love and skills can change lives, well then, you should definitely help because clearly, you need them to change your crazy mind about that. Go here immediately.


While I was in New York, I visited the Brooklyn studio of Natasha Wozniak. And I didn’t leave empty-handed. She does gorgeous magic with metal and stones. Beauty is a core value.

unnamed-2The Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit at The Met was breathtaking design and decadence.

Xu Bing built two giant phoenixes out of scrap metal and LED lights and hung them from the ceiling of St. John The Divine. Phenomenal.

And Isabel Bigelow edited and presented arresting landscapes with paint and grace and Zen at the Sears Peyton Gallery.

Art, you guys.


The month of May celebrates my three-year anniversary in business.

::tosses confetti::

::shakes Mac Book Air upside down to remove confetti::

::orders more Omega 3s::

As a health coach, I’ve helped clients all over the world upgrade their nutrition and exercise and maintain accountability around these things.

Inevitably, the clients that are attracted to me are super adept people that already know what they should be doing and just can’t figure out why they aren’t. So the work we do always goes deeper than just sharing recipes for kale salad.

Which is good. Because (even though I love The Salad) I don’t want to cook all the time. I do healthy things to get on with the things I really love to do: work, write, parent, consume art, and watch this Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake video and laugh and laugh.

Helping my clients get fed so they can get to their good work is my favorite.

I distill and deliver.

I shore complexity and resistance into brevity and allowance.

What I do has become something that wholly includes a health coaching conversation, but is far from limited to one.

We are talking about radiance, grace, and the kind of polarity that creates electricity.

Installations of light. unnamed-1

So I’ve made some shifts in the way I talk about it. And I’m doing more work with storytellers and influencers, purely around magnetism and presence. Teaching heart-centered persuasion and clarifying voices and messages. You can look at the evolving web situation here.


I’m going to be teaching a workshop in Astoria, Oregon on June 28. There will be lunch. More information soon. Interested? Sign up here.


I’ve been reading:

Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton

Lying by Lauren Slater

Resonate by Nancy Duarte

I have an essay in the upcoming novel, Spent: Exposing Our Complicated Relationship With Shopping, with a truckload of amazing women writers, expertly curated and edited by author, Kerry Cohen.

And have just pre-ordered brilliant photographer Julie Blackmon’s new book, Homegrown. It includes a foreword by Billy Collins, an interview with Reese Witherspoon, and at least one image of my own son being all beastly and darling.

I’ve been eating a lot of Indian food, Exo Cricket Bars (Bugs!), and watching Game of Thrones. Like everyone else, I can’t get enough of Hodor. Or making up puns with his name. Like Hodorable. And Hodork. Which is pretty much what I’m being right now so it’s probably time to stop writing.

For now.

Consider yourself warned. More words on their way to your inboxes soon.


Because ten is a good number and poetry, this by Andrew Michael Roberts

for death

when you arrive

in the moment of

your secret genius,

borne by thunder,

wafting of lilac

and wet quartz,

pierced with satellites,

championed by

heat lightning

and echolocation

and landslides and crows,

when your owl

of pure light

flares finally through,


may humility

and stillness

and a trace of rain

replace me.

Until next time. Love. Every day.

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images by me.

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7 Responses to Installations Of Light: The Missing You Post

  1. Esmé says:

    Aw! I love all of this. & I spent three days with Kate this past weekend. We talked about you! And she is terrific. Good on you for all of this excellent shifting.

  2. Dave Conrey says:

    I love how this reads like a letter to a friend. You, my friend, are a master of conversation, and I feel blessed to have been part of those conversations with you. Thanks for this one, and that one, and the many in the future.

    • mworden says:

      Oh, Dave! Samesies. So glad you know you and have you here and there. To many more conversations, indeed.

  3. Claire Galvin says:

    Hi Meg, I just stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago, and have loved reading your posts, for their encouragement, affirmation, interest…. This is your first new one since following you – keep up the conversations! Thanks. Cheers from down under (Sydney, Australia)

    • mworden says:

      Claire, I’m so glad you are here and look forward to hearing more from you. Cheers back at ya. xx

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