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The Art of Creating Meaningful Connections

The Art of Creating Meaningful Connections


It’s been a pretty crazy week. Mostly, because of the state of popular culture.

This week I got a Facebook invitation to a Pap Smear Party.

Seriously. It’s a party where everyone will snuggle up on pillows in a private home, drink whiskey kombuchas, insert their own speculums, and have the host/doctor walk around gathering the goods for the lab.

1. No.

2. Kombucha doesn’t make whiskey healthy.

3. Even if the whiskey were straight up, no.

4. No.

On further investigation (because how could I resist?), I found out that this party concept is the brainchild of a woman who wrote the book, Pet Goats and Pap Smears. She mentions on her site that she hopes that one of these days (thanks to the healing power of animals?) we might be able to combine pap smears with petting zoos.

I wish I had the fiction chops to be making this up right now.

Anyhow, this, combined with, what I recently discovered to be the new trend in wedding photos – bridesmaids showing their bare butts to the camera – has me navigating a thick fog of existential angst.

Like, I need to run screaming into the nearest art museum. Or Machu Picchu or something.

Or take a break from Facebook.

I definitely need to remember to prioritize making and nurturing real, meaningful connections. Like days out with my kid, dinner with friends, time around trees and books, and books made of trees, giving extra focus to the clients I have, not just the ones I want. You know.

We all have different core values and while diversity matters, it is also important to have an environment that supports you. Being surrounded by things that don’t accurately reflect you can be overwhelming and isolating.

Isolation is starvation and will wreak havoc on your mental and physical health.

It will play out on your plate.

So, with all of that in mind, here is Part 1 of an interview I did for The Start-Up Sessions with Michael Knouse, talking all about how this investment in The Real is vital to your business/life plan.

(Part 2 will be out next Thursday.)

Some things we cover in the interview:

  •       The process for overcoming obstacles in your business and in your life.
  •       How we create stability in our lives by protecting our comfort zones, which are often made up of our own limitations and old stories about ourselves.
  •       Moving forward when you feel the odds are stacked against you.
  •       The power of surrounding yourself with the most evolved, energetic, intelligent, and hilarious people doing the most interesting things.
  •       Why I would rather have one deep and meaningful conversation than 100 boring conversations with the 100 most successful people in the world.
  •       Why it’s so important to be selective with your time and say ‘No’ to things that don’t truly serve you.
  •       Why I never do anything that’s not fun, even for work. This is so important to understand!
  •       How to know which people/places/opportunities to say ‘Yes’ to and which ones to pass on.
  •       The myth that we will eventually reach a place where we have arrived, and that we will no longer feel shame or discomfort.
  •       Finding the balance between an open heart and a strong spine.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please leave comments for Michael and share with your coolest friends.

And, I know you may have been better off before you knew of such things as Pap Parties and pantiless bridesmaids, but apparently, I have no mercy and misery-loves-company is my jam.

(However, if you think such things are hilarious bemusements and the greater discussion of how connection and attention to your health creates an environment of success for all of the things you are trying to accomplish… perhaps we should be working together. I have 2 spots open in my private practice right now. Let’s set up a consultation and see if one of them is fit for you.)

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image: El Bibliomata, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. kris ex says:

    oh, my. oh, my.

    and here i thought you took me to my limit this week with the Orgasmic Mediation mention.

    oh. my.

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