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Reading, Watching, Eating, Loving + Video Part Deux

Reading, Watching, Eating, Loving + Video Part Deux

In two weeks I’m moving into a new house. Plus, I’m right in the middle of All of The Social Things, and because I’m an introvert, it means I have to save up the energy to show up for them by staying kind of still and quiet. And by “kind of still and quiet”, I mean “mostly under a blanket”.

But balance is great so I’m reaching out from under the blankets with this short and sweet sharing post of things I’m consuming and enjoying right now (that I think you might dig), as well as the second half of the Start-Up Sessions video from my last post that I promised.


Nothing: Surprising Insights Everywhere From Zero to Oblivion by Jeremy Webb

The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabury

Turning Pro by Stephen Pressfield


With all the sudden sexy socializing of summer, I’m not watching much, but when I do, it’s:

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I watch these over and over and they just get funnier)

Finding Vivian Maiera story about, and through, the eyes of a private photographer whose life and work highlights the subtlety and complexity of being human. Art is so cool.


On yet another hummus and hot sauce bender. (I put it on rice cakes because I party like it’s 1996.)

Cold Pressed Juice, always. (If you are in Portland, check out the new juices they are selling at Bula Kava House)

Indian food. All of it. I drank a Thumbs Up Cola the other day. A COLA! It’s been years and I loved it. See photo.

Thumbs Up: An ode to Srinivas Rao. And, Dennis.

Ode to Srinivas Rao. And, Dennis.

Exo Cricket bars. CRICKETS! Eating the crickets.

And, of course, Smoothies.

I’m kind of a creature of food habit and I like to keep it simple so I can get on to other things (reading, writing, parenting, moving.. you know), so, when I’m not just assembling food, I’ve been eating up my usual recipe repertoire. The same ones that go out to clients. Click right here –> July PDF to have some for free as a present. (Getting these babies monthly, is just another reason why being one of my clients is so baller.)


Equality and social justice. Duh, right? Had a ball at the Human Rights Campaign gala last weekend, raising money and continued awareness for marriage equality. Psyched to hang out with some exceptional people and support, well, love. For all the people.

The Startup Community. Recently, I did a talk at NedSpace in Portland and have been working at the Starve Ups Garage, trying to syphon some of the genius from there into my own brain.


Seeing all of the great faces of friends coming into town for World Domination Summit was righteous.

My sweet, swimming, UNO playing, Attack on Titan-fueled, fire building (hopefully in designated areas) son.

My business strategist, Kate, keeps all my finances in order and helps me with strategy and software. Need help with yours? You should call her.

Sunshine, obvi.


And hear here! (Also see here!) Part 2 of the interview I did with Michael Knouse of The Start Up Sessions. As promised.


Until next time, adore.

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  1. awseome article thanks!, have u ever been to portland and gotten kava there?

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