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Feed Me Darling + A Social Ignition

Feed Me Darling + A Social Ignition

I have 3-5 pieces of insanely good news. At least I think they’re good. I hope you do too. But it’s okay if you’re doing other stuff that’s more important to you. Being human is a trip and I support your carrying on with whatever. Go watch the sunset or eat some late summer blackberries or something. Feed the kids. Walk the dog. You know.

Or you can read till the end and do that after.

Your call.

The pieces of news:

1. I have recently been appointed to the board of the stellar organization, A Social Ignition, as Director of Strategic Partnerships. It’s all the things I rally around rolled into one enchilada for inmates and the formerly incarcerated. The program teaches empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship with a mission of creating equal rights to a sustainable income. We are also hell bent on bringing some awareness to the oft politically ignored travesty of a prison system. Building bridges where there are boundaries like badasses. You can do stuff to if that sounds interesting. Email me and we can talk about how and what.

2. I am on the verge bringing back oft. I’m not really sure if that’s insanely good news. It seems pretty sane to me. So, it’s getting enumerated because I’m on a roll, people.

3. I am still health coaching in case there was any confusion. That isn’t stopping anytime soon because I love it and am happily doing both things. I am, however, streamlining some of my stuff, but not the private practice of talking to you. I have several spots open for private clients looking to do the real, life-shifting work of finally finding sustainable solutions for emotional eating, weight loss, and physical/mental/emotional spaciousness. By spaciousness I mean peace. PEACE! You might want to get some of that. Just saying. Email me.

4. I am also still doing one-off sessions with all of you who want to talk business, organizing and/or presenting your story, or general brain picking requests. My brain is a veritable fount of resourcefulness so use these hours wisely. And often.

5. Fount? Apparently, I’ve just emerged from the fifteenth century.


Anyway. One final thing while we’re here together. I just want to say that you are doing a really good job.

Whatever you just took a break from, whatever you’re getting back to here in a minute, whatever you’re hustling or procrastinating, raising or roiling around in your brain, I appreciate your efforts. Living on a planet with your good stuff is a pretty good deal. So, thank you. And, please, let me know if I can help.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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