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Maslow’s Pyramid, A Deal, A Free Thing + You

Maslow’s Pyramid, A Deal, A Free Thing + You

First of all, if you want a good deal on a photography course, but don’t want to listen to my nonsense, go ahead and scroll to the bottom.

We spend all of our time in our heads. And by saying “we”, I’m making a huge assumption that we are birds of a feather here. You found me because you’re kind of like me.

You know about Maslow’s pyramid, right? The popular psychological illustration of the human’s hierarchy of needs?

Here’s an image:


So the Wifi thing isn’t in the “official” version. But it’s the most accurate graphic choice, obvs.

Okay. So here’s what I know about you. ABOUT US. 

We live in the top half of that pyramid most of the time. We’re busy thinking, creating, relationshipping, reinventing, wondering what our purpose in life is (if we don’t already know), and how we can best serve others. You are probably in a first world country with privilege, extra virgin olive oil, thread counts, and friends.

When you look at the bottom bit above the wifi, it’s easy to imagine that those fundamentals are things you already have nailed down on account of not being homeless or a refugee.

It’s true. In a very pragmatic way, those things are less of a concern for you than someone who is legitimately living without solace of any kind. 

Also, there are many ways that your foundation can be rocked. Maybe you are financially stressed, your job sucks, you’re fighting with your person? Maybe your car is broken? There are so many things even in your modern life that can tap into your feelings of security in the world.

Putting practices in place that help you maintain the widest part of your structure, and regular execution of the basics, is imperative. 

And it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out in those other arenas, it only means that you don’t find yourself stuck at the top without a functional ladder to get back down to earth. The idea is that you are conscious of living in all of the areas of your life at once, rather than doing so compartmentally.

At least making an effort to inhabit your entire life and not just your metaphorical attic.

Consistently returning to the awareness of your most primal human needs not only ensures you can activate the resources you need to meet them, it also reminds you to have compassion for the people that spend their whole lives in survival mode. Recognizing your own wealth and privilege is important. For life satisfaction reasons. And for that all too important awareness that your suffering isn’t a good reason for you to be whiney and lame.

So I’ve been hard at work with my wheelhouse of geniuses creating some new ways for you to easily and affordably access support and reminders about how executing on the basics of your health is a gateway to All The Things.

This free mini-course.

If you haven’t already opted in, do it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Otherwise, you can sign up for a session with me.

This means you get to have all access to my ideas, resources, network, and personalized recommendations for your health, your narrative, your new life choice, your latest invention, your upcoming important thing, your llama farm… I don’t really know anything about llamas though. But I like them. So I’ll talk to you about them if you want, but will be more inclined to make llama jokes versus solving llama crises.

Schedule a mini-muffin of love calls (I just now named it that).

Also in other news.  Sign up for spot in this amazing basic photo course by Tara Morris. Be excited. It will make you a better photographer no matter what level you are at or what your end game is. Making art is food, guys.

So I know people say that there are limited amounts of things all the time and don’t mean it, but I do. Because this is my actual time. All you have to do is show up with the goods and I’ll help you turn them into greats.

Seriously. I can’t wait to meet you.



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