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A Morning Text Convo About Digestion + Nourishment

A Morning Text Convo About Digestion + Nourishment


Her: Good morning, you.


Me: Good morning!


Her: Yay Mother’s Day is over.


Me: Spending it without solid plans was brutal and will never happen again. Next year, beach.


Her: Beach! OK!


Me: I love how early you’re waking up lately. Talking to you first thing is the best.


Her: Right? I didn’t know not eating late at night would change everything.


Me: It does. Further proof, I ate late and a lot last night and, predictably, I feel awful this morning. Achey, puffy, tired. Gross. Mother’s Day Emo Binge wasn’t the worst binge, but sub-optimal. Fresh start today. Greens FTW.


Her: Like I’ve been tired for 20yrs and I’m pretty sure THAT’S WHY.


Me: Ya. Bodies need the time to digest all the food so they can get to the business of digesting the other stuff, stuck stuff that it can’t ordinarily get to cause there’s always food there.


Her: Damn. Digestion really is everything.


Me: It is. Digestion = Mental Emotional Spiritual Health.


Her: Right? Also the planet. Everything gets eaten. And digested.


Me: The Universe! Constantly digesting and transforming itself. We are filters of energy. What goes in comes out some way or another. We are not just what we eat but all we consume. Do we want to be primarily producers of literal shit or good ideas etc…


Her: Also, I want to be eaten.


Me: Like, by worms? Or good looking revolutionaries? Or both… mmm…


Her: Both obvs. But srsly. I want to be something that, when consumed, does a good thing. Like by everything. I want to be delicious and nourishing.


Me: YES.


Her: Not a guilty pleasure. Or a too sweet or bitter of a thing.


Me: RIGHT. Well, maybe pleasurable?


Her: I mean, I just don’t want to be toxic. Like there are apple seeds in me – a little bit of arsenic but you can easily avoid it.




It’s true, you guys. We are all of the things we consume. Food, Netflix, narratives. We are also all of the things we don’t consume. We are the spaces in between the consumption. We are the invisible work, the daily monotonous maintenance of our occupancy.

We are the digestion. We are the transmutation. We are the output.

Our digestive system is both literal and metaphorical. We are barometers, filters, creators.

The health and clarity of our digestive systems and our circulatory systems is directly related to our energy, our sleep, and our good ideas. It is directly related to the health of all the things and people.  It is directly related to our ability to participate, integrate, and elevate, to be in our days with ease, and in the days of those around us with ease.

And we’re better together.

I would love to help get you closer to OMGYES. It’s what I do.

Here are some ways:

1. Have a session with me.

I talked about it last week in case you didn’t get a chance to see that. Unlike a discovery/getting-to-know-you pre-program session to see if we are a good fit, this is a legit coaching session. I am not going to try to sell you anything, I just really want you to get right down to business and leave with some actionable steps.

ADDITIONALLY: You should check out The Love Offensive by Tara Morris (just the name is amazing first of all. Add brill instruction and hilarity and it’s a gem).

2. If you haven’t already done so, you can also opt in to the Free Your Mind mini-course. It’s a series of completely FREE emails to get you started on the path to a stronger, clearer digestive system. Click here. 

3. Or take the leap and just hire me. I mean, perhaps you’ve been thinking about how we should just be working together. If that’s the case, it’s probably true.

4. All of the above. Just saying. You don’t have to choose.


As always. Adore you.

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“Her” is my BFF, the lovely Rachael Rice, who has many amazing things to say about the culture, humanity, embodiment, digestion, creation, revolution, and the power of art and love. If you don’t already know her, it’s time. 

This fire is digesting this wood. You are like a fire.

This fire is digesting this wood. You are like a fire.




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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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