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Telling Your Story Without Shame

Telling Your Story Without Shame


A couple of weeks ago I did a podcast interview with Holly Worton of Ready To Bloom.

In her infinite interviewing wisdom, she managed to get me to say some pretty good stuff about the importance of staying soft, being strong, loving deeply, and living well.

I’ve gotten some really meaningful feedback on this one, so wanted to share it with you.

Here are some bullet points. Because bullet points are easy to read.

  • Top tips on how to be vulnerable and tell your story without shame
  • Why I chose online vulnerability in my business
  • How to own your story, even the shadow parts of yourself
  • Why it’s so important to tell your story without shame
  • What your clients really want from you (hint: it’s not your perfection)

Also, I mention why I’m so inspired by these three fantastic women and why you will be too. Give it a listen. 

  1. Brené Brown
  2. Desiree Adaway
  3. Rachael Rice


With all the love to you for keeping on keeping on. You really are doing it. And it’s all going to work out.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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One Response to Telling Your Story Without Shame

  1. Karrie says:

    Hi Meg I love the way you think and write! Thank you for your inspiring emails (blogs) I receive them at times when I’m spinning and trying to get 10 things done in 15 minutes for my 3 kids! You and your writings truly CALM MY SOUL which isn’t easy I’m hyper and an ADHD cleaning freak!! I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you could please email me? Long story short my son who was my first born is 14 1/2 was diagnosed with Bi-lateral Wilms tumor (cancer in both kidneys) at age 1. talk about throwing a wrench in the middle of my life!! Anyway during the 4 years of heavy chemo, 6 days of radiation, weeks upon weeks of living in the hospital I kept journals. From a young moms perspective of their baby having cancer and almost dying 3 times. Can you please email me so I can explain further? thanks so much Karrie

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