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TGFI (Thank God For Internet) Volume: 1

TGFI (Thank God For Internet) Volume: 1

Hey you guys, I’m introducing a regular thing!

Well, *mostly* regular. I’m still me and commitment is still my kryptonite.

But, I’m “showing up” here so let’s go with it, k?

And, I’m legit excited about this. “The internet is better than the outernet.” My 13 year old gamer son says (somehow both droll and emphatically).

I’m not advocating isolation here, so settle down. I’m just acknowledging all you super cool kids who get excited about the weekends and holidays BECAUSE YOU GET TO STAY HOME AND READ.

I support touching the earth with your feet and putting your heart on trees and your head in the sky, but I do not pressure you to be more outdoorsy than you need to to stay connected, grounded, to remember our place in the holy expansion, not to atrophy, etc.

Welcome to TGFI.
(Thank God for Internet)

This is where I deliver some of the best (and often longest! Because reading!) articles on the internet that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity.

Also, art + beauty.

Also prolly some LOLZ. Because humor is the smart person’s iron lung.

Usually I’ll send this to you on Friday, for the weekend, but I’m sending it today because holidays galore. AKA time to read stuff. AKA excuses to stare at your phone when you’re hiding in the bathroom at a party.

This will be a fine way to keep from falling into rabbit holes and actually get some good out of the magic that is the World Wide Web.


Rebecca Solnit : Men Explain Lolita To Me

More thank a Prayer: Mass Shootings + Masculinity

This artist.

John Steinbeck on Falling in Love

Kareen Abdul-Jabarr on Donald Trump

The Secret History of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Time to rethink everything you know about Kanye West. 

The fluffy pomeranian

Adore you. Seriously.

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Featured image by incredible artist Victoria Siemar / Witchoria

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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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