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TGFI Thank God For Internet Fridays Volume: 2

TGFI Thank God For Internet Fridays Volume: 2

This is where I deliver some of the best (and often longest! Because reading!) Articles on the internet that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity. Plus some art + beauty. Plus LOLZ.

TGFI, people. (Thank God For Internet Fridays)

Here we go…

Happy Happy New Year Everyone! 

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, you are not all Love and Light. You are also immeasurable darkness! Hooray! Also: thank goodness cause that shit keeps you interesting and ignoring that fact (as we are prone to do in an effort to be GOOD PEOPLE THAT ARE ENOUGH BUT NOT TOO MUCH just makes us tired and incomplete. As dark side afficianado, Carl Jung said: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
Amen, Carl. Amen.

Did you know that strong legs = a strong brain? Especially for “older” women! I don’t know about you, but the satisfaction of outsmarting people is a great motivation for me to exercise. (Shut up, Carl.)

mposter Syndrome . You know it and probably don’t love it. You may wish it would hook up with your vulnerability and take a long walk off a short cliff. But we really can’t be reminded enough that this thing is most common with people who push edges, are brave, tenacious, and apt for success and lives of impact and meaning. So feeling like a fraud? You’re probably doing a great job adulting. Don’t have feelings of insecurity at all? You might be a sociopath!

Maria Popova, founder of the blog Brain Pickings is one of my brain/writing idols. Her blog makes all my blogging seem like slug fodder.
In the event you are similarly comparing yourself to her brilliance, there’s this from her wiki on her working style: “Running Brain Pickings takes over 450 hours of work each month. Popova reads hundreds of pieces of content a day and anywhere between 12-15 books per week. She spends anywhere from three to eight hours writing a day, publishes three articles a day from Monday to Friday, and tweets four times per hour between 8am and 11pm Eastern with few exceptions”.
Alrighty then. Looks like I’m thrilled she’s doing it for us! Just reading that makes me need to step off and “relationship with my anxiety” slash nap for an hour or two. In any case, everything she writes is magic and her Best Of Lists are legit. Here is the Brain Pickings Book Picks for 2015

Women are funny. No doy. Here’s a list of 50 Funniest Tweets by women last year.

Humans are capable of unthinkable cruelty. Also immense beauty. Look at these Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Haphazardly Wrapped Packages and Gifts by Yrjö Edelmann and feel hopeful about the human race.

I’m obsessed with Primal Derma skin care in the winter and other times. Check them out! I’m not an affiliate, though I would never affiliate anything I don’t love so it shouldn’t even matter. Go get the goods. If you want. I am.

Here’s to a distraction-free weekend of luxurious reading and things you like. Hopefully some blankets, baths and breakfast foods.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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