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TGFI (Thank God For Internet) Volume: 4

TGFI (Thank God For Internet) Volume: 4



This is where I deliver some of the best (and often longest! Because reading!) articles on the internet that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity. Plus some art + beauty. Plus LOLZ.

Here we go:
This from one of my dearest friends and favorite writers Janelle Hanchett asks What Would Happen If We Let People Be Broken Sometimes? Not only is unsolicited advice rampant on the internet and in life, can we all just recognize that life is a wacky, messy, spectrum of infinite proportions? And that the white knuckled effort to compress ourselves into the minuscule part that’s “comfortable” is in service to no one?

Turns out that Donald Trump’s dad was the old racist landlord that Woody Guthrie hated. Oh, Genetics.

Speaking of genetics, if you haven’t heard of it, epigenetic inheritance is the fascinating study of inherited traits. This study about how traumatic experiences (actual memory of fears) can be passed down to the next generations is phenomenal. And strengthens my theory that healing ourselves echoes both forwards, and backwards, through our lineage. We aren’t islands, y’all.

This instagram account of mirrors found on Craigslist is utterly mesmerizing with the perfect amount of voyeurism. Thank fuck for art.

Tired of being told you have Resting Bitch Face? Or tired of the term itself? Here are some bang up alternatives.  My personal favorites include: “Your Unquestioned Assumptions Are Astonishing Face” and “You’re Clearly Struggling With My Failure to Conform to Your Stupid Expectations Face”.

All in all, it’s been a weird week. I’ve won a few and lost a few. The universe continues to contract, expand, and blatantly rearrange itself without my consent.

I have a feeling yours was the same. I hope this missive reminds you that you aren’t alone.








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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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