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6 Really Good Reasons to Lie Down on the Floor

6 Really Good Reasons to Lie Down on the Floor


One of the most effective things you can do to alleviate stress and up-level your health is ridiculously simple.

(Whelp, that could be the least interesting sentence I’ve ever written. Feel free to stop reading now. …But will you keep going if I promise that it gets better?)

Lie down on the floor.

(Ok. So, THAT was the least interesting sentence I’ve ever written. :::gets handed boring trophy::: IT’S ALL UPHILL FROM HERE, GUYS, I SWEAR.

Interesting starts now.)


Here are six groovy reasons you have never thought of that will make you want to lie down on the floor right now:


  1.     Feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Turns out, you are not. You are not Atlas. Set that story, your body, and imagined weight down and, instead, enjoy this reality: You are being carried by a world. The opportunity to have a kinesthetic experience of this truth, to integrate it thoroughly into your body and psyche, is always available. Lie down, close your eyes and let yourself be held, carried by a mother planet that is unfathomably strong and capable, a planet that generates all of the resources you need to live. Maybe while you’re here, you can even say thanks. Cry if you want to. I still think you’re a badass.


  1.    In order for electricity to power specific things, it needs to be grounded. Think of yourself as your most important and powerful device that also needs to be grounded and recharged. Because it’s true. Your spine is the freeway of your central nervous system, carrying electric impulses between your brain and every single part of your body. When you put your spine on the ground, you’re grounding that electricity so you can be more intentional, thoughtful, sane. Anything that feels erratic or zappy can be corralled and transformed into calm, usable energy.


  1.     Have your ever watered a plant, or poured a shot of whiskey on a fresh grave and watched how it just disappears into the soil? If you haven’t, go do one of those things now. I’ll wait… It’s cool, right? Soil is so absorbent! So, when you lie down on the ground, you can imagine that soil beneath you will readily accept anything in you that is no longer serving you. Let it melt away into the ground beneath you. The earth has the capacity to take what is dead, what is no longer of service, and create new life from it.


  1.     In order to be efficient, your brain memorizes its environment. It’s why you sometimes get to work without knowing how you got there. Your brain literally falls asleep at the wheel, dipping into habit mode and taking you to work from a template in your memory. This is both amazing and dangerous! The production of habits and use of memory snapshots to navigate your surroundings frees up energy for larger brain tasks, like rehearsing the convo you’re getting ready to have with your boss about that raise (you’re doing that, right?). You might be surprised how little of your environment you actually even really see. It’s why you bump into the newly moved piece of furniture several times before you remember it’s there. When you lie down on the floor, and change your visual perspective from the one that is in your memory (everything at eye- or chair-level), your brain has to wake up and actually see again. This strengthens the part of your brain that is able to “see things from a new perspective.” Hello, fresh ideas and solutions to impossible problems!


  1. It feels really good to be on your back and it’s good for alignment yama yarns. (“Yama yarns” means “etcetera” in my friend group thanks to an erroneous auto correct of “yada yada” that stuck and, obviously, this needs a wider audience.)


  1. You might find some money under the sofa.


Here are the directions for this exercise (known in Yoga Asana as “Savasana”):

Lie on your back on a rug or yoga mat. Let your eyes close and muscles soften. Let your feet fall away from each other. Relax your brain, your eyeballs, and your tongue (really – do it), if your lower back is sore, use a bolster or rolled blanket under your knees. Feel free to cover yourself with a blankie.


Good luck and let me know how it goes. You got this. You are not alone. Ever. (For better or worse, but you know what I mean).


Comments? Questions? Want more ease and less effort in your life? Perhaps we should be working together. Send me an email.







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