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Stop Chasing Skinny

Stop Chasing Skinny

So it turns out that health is NOT a race to perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist. I know you know that, but I’m going to say it out loud anyway because I know you *know* it, but still forget.

Health is NOT a place you get to where you have no more uncomfortable feelings because you finally found the right amount of exercise and eat nothing but kale dust.

Health is NOT a Club ala Skull + Bones that will send you a surprise text message once you post enough marathon pics on insta with a secret location for you to pick up your key and tiara and lifetime of CIA insider connections.


Health is a vehicle. Not a destination.

It’s a moving target. It’s esoteric as fuck. It’s definition depends on who you are at any given moment. (And we all know what that looks like. It looks like we-have-no-idea-what because these things are unknowable.)

Health is having a more allied than adversarial relationship with a body that is, essentially, a liquid system (it changes all the time so we love it in a range of shapes). Health is being in flow more than resistance. Health is a commitment to seek peace. Of mind. Of world. Health is an attainable, easeful, integrative project that’s ultimately in service of the greater good.

Yeah. Your health makes the world healthier.

Healthy people have the energy to do good work.

Self love is an integral element to health. And people who like themselves are compassionate and drawn to serve others.

Health is more than just chasing skinny. 

A while back, I was a guest on the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast with my favorite fitness guru, Stephanie Keenan. We talked all about what “healthy” fitness motivation really looks like. You can listen to the full podcast on the website!

Furthermore, I am talking about “Health Redefined” this month for my group, The Feed Me Darling Liberation Front. I’m really excited to tell you more about it. We will be redefining all the things this year, and meeting regularly to jack up our discernment game, get our good heads out of our gorgeous asses and get on with the business of being useful. Sound like something you might like to be a part of? I’ll be opening a few spots each month. Stay tuned and/or feel free to email me if you want to pop onto the unofficial waiting list. And when you join, all recorded archives (as well as many more perks) will be available to you. Let us seek peace together, yeah?

We need each other. We just fucking do.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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