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TGIF (Thank God For Internet): vol 9

TGIF (Thank God For Internet): vol 9

We are not only what we eat, we are all that we consume. We are so fortunate to have so much information available, but ddiscernment in what we feed our brains is paramount to producing good ideas, and to being open enough to understanding the experiences of others. 

So here is where I hope to serve your whole health by delivering quality articles that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity. Plus art + beauty +  the occasional LOLZ.

                                                  Here we go.
Happy Friday, you guys.

It’s infinitely fascinating how we are affected by hunger. And how hunger is not always for food, but shows up that way. The hunger for meaning, connection, intimacy, validation, reassurance, a moment of rest from knowing we’re all going to die without understanding why we were ever even here. It’s easier just to eat. These depths of need are often, just too tender to wrangle. Our inner space is as expansive than outer space and maintaining curiosity and wonder about it, does make it all feel a little less uncertain. It also can help you be more responsive, than reactive, when it comes to deciding what to put on your plate. Both your literal, and your metaphorical plate. Here is one interesting article about an experiment done on starvation.

And then read this article by Psychologist Deborah Cox about the connection between attachment trauma and binge eating.

This personal essay by Marissa Korbel, No, Lolita, illuminates the nascent molding of a young woman’s sexuality, how that process is so often thwarted by the male stories we see ourselves through. How survival of our minds dictates dearly holding our own stories of agency and empowerment, but the lack of intimacy, the lack of care, the lack of being other than object has deep and lasting effects on our hearts.

If your life force and/or livelihood depend on the output of your creative brain, then getting acquainted with saying no is mission critical. A few things: 1.Creative (who actually get work done) say no to everything that takes them away from their work. Even if the thing is lovely, or the people that will be there are lovely. 2. There is no such thing as “just coffee” or “just lunch” for a creative mind. Just having a commitment can derail the mind, and recovering from the shift in priority and environment can require recovery. 3. The better your life is, the better the things are that you will have to say no to. Saying no to that amazing thing that is inexplicably causing you anxiety, could actually be a sign of your success rather than your broken-ness. You have permission to say no and to carry on supporting your corner of the world with you art. Thanks for that.

This article is long (get a tea) but wholly packed with insight and guidance to handling the increasing phenomenon of public disagreements, and the cognitive dissonance we experience as we grow our expectations that relationships *should* exist in perfect harmony of all things, including opinion. With the introduction of tech and the option of anonymous ranting, we are hyperaware of the opinions of everyone. It’s exhausting, it breeds blind self righteousness, and gives us fodder to work out old belief systems rather than tackling the belief systems themselves. To put it plainly, we become less self aware and behave like dicks. This piece takes us from public forum disagreements, to our most intimate relationships, and gives us insight into handling others, and ourselves, with abject compassion. This sound be required reading. Find out how to disagree. 

And, for a breathtaking finish: I’m fortunate enough to be on the unpublicized mailing list of friend, and phenomenal poet, Andrew Michael Roberts. I wanted to share what I received last week:

We were made from lightning | by andrew michael roberts

A black snow glazes the lindens. Falls gracelessly, humbly from night to night according to its providence. Are the angels burning? Shall I walk into the drifts with palms bared to such righteousness? While the world twists in a dream of whiteness and light. Perhaps god is ready to ask something of me. And I’ll be revealed as more than I am. Perhaps a black horse roaring and crashing from my chest like some messiah for the triumph of wildness. I shall sacrifice my ribs and watch that dark hope crest hill after hill on its travels to the genesis of its truth. If that truth has something to do with you: awake. Approach it meekly. Take the cold mane in your fist. There is no other holiness.

Right to the solar plexus, ya?

this image from Irish artist, Miriam Sweeney, and your weekend will be made. Promise.

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