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Respect the Awesome Power of Digestion

Respect the Awesome Power of Digestion


You are all of the things you consume: Food, music, Netflix, narratives…

You are also all of the things you don’t mean to consume: Airborne specks of skin and star flecks, nature, electricity, other people’s suffering…

Your digestive system is both literal and metaphorical.

You digest the food you put into your body, but you also have to digest all of the sensory input.

Everything your body senses (consciously and subconsciously) gets introduced, articulated, integrated, and absorbed or released. Feelings, words, interactions, conversations, ideas, illness…

Healing could also be called “digestion”.

Your life, your stories, your art are all the manifestations of your digestion.

Everything you create is an amalgam of your experience, of the things you have digested and transformed.

You are like a living barometer of your culture.

The power of digestion cannot be overstated. It must be respected.

The health and clarity of your digestive system is directly related to your energy, your sleep and your good ideas

Your mental health is dependent on your digestive system.

It is paramount to your ability to function as a vibrant, compassionate adult that you understand the connection between your physical and emotional digestive systems, and that you cultivate the healthiest system you can manage.


Need help? Perhaps we should be working together.

You are so dearly loved,






*The image used in this post is by Christopher Campbell.


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