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5 Totally Decent Snacks In 5 Minutes or Less

5 Totally Decent Snacks In 5 Minutes or Less

Once upon a time I was a part-time yoga teacher and a stay-at-home mom. I lived in a house that my husband (at the time) paid for and I spent my days planning, preparing, and delivering healthy meals to my family. It was all-consuming and I really don’t know how working or single mothers ever manage to feed a family.

Just kidding. I totally know. The answer is: Haphazardly as fuck.

Even when your mother is a Health Coach. Ahem.

“EAT YOUR LEAVES, GODDAMMIT!” I’ve been yelling for years about the pile of raw spinach leaves I’ve deposited next to my son’s pizza delivery.

“Have this smoothie before you eat those Peeps!”

That kind of thing.

Raising my teen is like stocking Mariah Carey’s dressing room.

“The room has reached 71F degrees, sir, are you ready for your crudités platter?”

I’m now that single working mom and I’m too tired to fight.

Also, that thing about the room temperature is kind of an exaggeration. He actually only likes temperatures and volumes on even, preferably whole, numbers. So 71F would never work.

Welcome to my life.

So this post *could* be about how a busy mom feeds a kid, but I don’t actually have anything else to say about that.

So this post *is actually* about a few things I eat myself because it turns out that I need a constant supply of healthy foods. Durrrr. Truthfully, I mostly live on juice, smoothies, and salad bowl things with the occasional delicious cheeseburger or pie.

Here are a few things that I love to eat, that are healthy and satisfying, and take less than five minutes to prepare.

And, really, your kids/pets/neighbors/people who have to share the road with you do better when you are doing great.

(FYI: All this also applies to all busy people everywhere whether or not procreation is your jam. I just started this post with kid on the brain, so this is how it turned out.)

1. Warm (sprouted if you can find them) corn tortillas with avocado, white truffle oil, and Maldon sea salt. (White truffle is $$$$, but it goes a long way and makes everything you eat luxe.)


2. Dates stuffed with raw Brazil Nuts. LIKE CANDY, GUYS.
3. Rice + eggs over greens. Of course you need pre-made rice for this, but I keep rice made all week, so you could too. Then, just scramble some eggs and warm the rice. Mix. This combo is very, very comforting. It’s delicious sprinkled with Tamari sauce.
4. Peanut Butter Miso Sandwich. Mix equal parts peanut butter and mellow white miso. Spread mayo or vegenaise on toasted bread, spread a thick layer of peanut butter/miso combo, add crunchy fresh vegetables (I love bell peppers, onions + greens on this one). EAT IT.
5. Oatmeal. I stir in maple syrup, nut milk, dates, and whatever else. In this photo I added pre-made (in my Vitamix) cashew cream, coconut flakes, and vanilla.

Also: Don’t forget about The Liberation Front “Listen In Option” for the DIGESTION REDEFINED call. You will learn many mind blowing things about the importance of digestion. Hint: It’s paramount to your peace of mind.











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One Response to 5 Totally Decent Snacks In 5 Minutes or Less

  1. Mariana says:

    Dates stuffed with raw Brazil Nuts sounds yummy! Your suggestions are really good. I will try these snacks next time! Thanks, Meg.

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