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From Health Coach to Freedom Coach… it begins

From Health Coach to Freedom Coach… it begins

For over five years now, I’ve been a Health Coach. I work from home! Flexible schedule! Location independent!


It’s an incredible way to make a living. I feel so lucky. Also, it’s not all luck. I worked my ever-loving ass off. I made something out of nothing. I hustled my way into having credentials that would belie the way I came off purely on paper. I stepped up and up and up again. I fell a zillion times. I helped a lot of people. I developed a lot of incredible relationships. I made a ton of other people uncomfortable or angry. I did a load of stuff wrong in my business life, and wholly fucked up stuff in my personal life that I rally to support the whole endeavor.


My comfort zone, at this point, is like a million miles wide.


I have so. Much. Fucking. Character.


I’m both proud and annoyed by the last two sentences.


Trust and believe there is still a part of me that wonders in jealous amazement at people who have been doing the same thing, in the same place, with the same people for decades. THEY MUST HAVE SUCH FANTASTICALLY INTACT SHORT- AND LONG-TERM MEMORY CENTERS.


I imagine all of the mental and emotional space that has not been consumed by transition and trauma. Sigh.


But then, always, I come full circle to how much I LOVE the life I’ve created. How much all of that transition and trauma has burned away bullshit, illuminated possibility, honed my ability to withstand uncertainty, powered up my faith in the prevalence of hope. Always, there is hope. I know for a fucking fact that there’s hope.


Which means, now when I’m overwhelmed and exhausted and curled up in the fetal position in my bed, I still have hope.


Because the latter doesn’t always exclude the former. But the shift is massive.


I’ve always been different. Entrepreneurial. From making bookmarks and selling them door-to-door in the third grade to selling drugs in my twenties. Making my own way was always more appealing than following traditional pathways to supporting someone else’s bottom line. If I’m being perfectly honest, this was less about taking a political stance and more about my chemistry.


I’ve also always been sensitive, empathic, easily overwhelmed, moody, addictive, and as destructive as I am creative. (Wait. Is that the definition of “entrepreneurial”? Maybe.)


Becoming a Health Coach might seem like it was a big leap from “drug dealer”, but there were so many steps in between. Sobriety, pregnancy, yoga, prison, yoga teaching, lots of amazing therapies and other healing modalities to increase my self confidence and self awareness. By the time I took the leap and signed up for nutrition school, I was really, really ready to share my years of experience, strength, and HOPE with you.


I chose health coaching because I loved the holistic philosophy of the school I found. The program was about so much more than dieting and it taught me how to teach the thing that saved my life. And maybe most importantly, I could work for myself in a way that kept me available for my son.


And, while scared shitless to do so, I decided to integrate my prison story and scandalous past into my business.


Initially I thought it would make you wonder if you could trust me.


But my story and writing, and the potential for a deeper connection between us, was way too important to me, so I took the risk.


And it was so worth it. Because here we are now. Deep in a conversation about so much more than “health”.


We’re talking about STORYTELLING, MEANING, SOUL WORK, PERSONAL AND CULTURAL HEALTH, and the true meaning of FREEDOM that overrides any propaganda or preconceived ideas.


We are talking about self care that isn’t just navel-gazing numbness, but a survival tactic for the cultivation of compassion and how personal freedom is an act of political defiance. It’s the beginning of a real revolution.


Also, that integration brought me out of fear, out of shame and FULLY into the work, into a greater sense of my own freedom and the ownership of my most powerful stories.


So, it occurs to me that this whole time, I’ve been gathering the chops to speak directly about freedom.


Mental, physical, financial freedom.


While health is vital, it’s only a piece of the scope of this project. I don’t want to simply indoctrinate people into a privileged world of wellness, but I want to help them surpass it. I want us to wake up and start loving the light right out of each other.


I want you to be able to find meaning in what you’re already doing – and to adopt new, better tools and habits to do more, and more meaningful, stuff.


I want to work with more of you. Those of you who are willing to face, and accept, limitations, and to choose actions that lead to real outcomes based on your real environment.


I want to help you work with what you have, not against it. To turn the prisons that limit you into the containers that liberate you.


While I’ve always inwardly balked at folks making up job titles, I also value the freedom to do so. (GET IT?)


So, I’m transitioning from “Health Coach” to “Freedom Coach”.


The website and rebrand are around the corner, but I just couldn’t wait. When you’re ready, YOU’RE READY.


Are you ready?


Then, perhaps we should be working together.


I still have spaces for new members in The Liberation Front right now!


ALSO, I have LIMITED but POWERFUL space open for one-on-one coaching in my private practice.


Haven’t you been thinking about it for long enough? Is it time for you to finally get serious about doing whatever it takes to BREATHE EASIER?


Let’s talk.


Send me an email >> hello[at]megworden[dot]com << and we can schedule a 30-minute FREE consultation.


In the meantime, I’m so grateful for all of you. Every single one of you that show up to these posts, and read them to the end, and no matter what, commit yourselves daily to doing less harm, showing up with more grace, revealing more, resting more, rallying more, and loving and grieving like radical fucking humans.

I adore walking the planet with your bad asses.







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    I love you.

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    This is really great post… please check out this link.

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