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Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction Are Not the Enemy

Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction Are Not the Enemy

Depression, anxiety, and addiction stuff are still a large and living part of my daily story. No matter how much positive thinking, personal development, self care, meditation, medication, exercise, acupuncture, and acts of service. These things are part of the fabric of who I am.  


Mindfulness, treatment, and healthy choices soften and ease them, help them retreat. They whisper instead of screech. They become companions rather than correctional officers.


But they don’t disappear.


Which is sometimes hard. But ultimately, fine.


Really. It is.


Because, I would also argue that if you manage to get out of bed and face off with your grief on the daily, if you can care for the people you love, if you can digest and empathize with the suffering of the world that streams by your wounded heart in relentless reams, you’re not sick, you’re NORMAL.


Conversely, if you DON’T feel that shit in a way that sometimes threatens to demolish you, then I seriously question your humanity.


You feel me. I know you do.


So, let’s just start with de-stigmatizing and de-shaming NORMAL human experiences and coping mechanisms and start seeing how those things are side effects of the fact that you fucking care.


Darling, you have nothing to lose by loving all of your parts.


Obviously, “treatment and healthy choices” look different for everyone, but cultivating peace is the end game, not the annihilation of grief.


Hear this: You don’t have to amputate the part of you that aches for completion, redemption, unconditional love. You can learn to love it rather than leave it.


Respect it, care for it, maintain it, negotiate with it.


But don’t hate it.


You must carry on. You must do what you can, with what you’ve got.


And that will be enough. Every time.


You are so dearly loved.




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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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