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My Current Favorite Health Products + Practices

My Current Favorite Health Products + Practices

As we move through the seasonal and governmental transitions (for my US pals) – on top of our already stupidly stressful, albeit gorgeous, lives – we need all the help we can get.

Here’s a list of health tools that I love – and use –  enough to support, advocate, affiliate, provide and present to YOU.


Life Equals

In a perfect world we would get all of our nutrition from food. I don’t know about you, but I’m too lazy for that level of vegetable consumption. I do my best, but I want to feel more than good. I want great.

I mean, I *need* great. Because I have shit to do. Bold Shit.

So finding a supplement company that provides a high-quality product at a reasonable price is serious health scaffolding. Get your first vitamin subscription for 75% off! And/or try their amazing new product ::Balance:: for a powerful shot of organic fruits and vegetables. Immediate energy, you guys! I took one just now! (This sounds like such a sales line. But it’s just a fact. Instant. Energy.)


Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee might sound gross, but here’s the thing: Mushrooms aren’t just little penises popping up in mulch, fairy houses, or slimy pizza toppings. No.

Mushrooms are pretty much the fascia of the planet. This magical fungus is connected all far and wide underground and might just be holding the earth together. Maybe not, but it’s really important. Here is mushroom guru, Paul Stamets, talking about six ways mushrooms could save the planet! Please watch this. It’s utterly fascinating and just knowing about the power of the shrooms will improve your life.

So, Paul has a great line of mushroom supplements, but lately, I’ve been using Four Sigmatic. I LOVE the hot cacao, I’ve been sneaking the chaga elixir into my kid’s smoothies, and drinking the cordyceps coffee during my detox – when I finally gave up regular coffee long enough to try it. It’s surprisingly delicious and super comforting. Just one cup of this lower-caffeine blend gives me seriously sustainable energy all day. (And I really, really like coffee, you guys). But for real, I didn’t go flat once. I’m actually planning to keep using it after the cleanse because I love feeling good. Duh.


Epsom Salt

If you’ve ever talked to me, you’ve probably heard me talk about epsom salt. It’s possibly THE primary health tool in my chest. Sometimes I use a cup in a hot bath to relax, sometimes I use a whole 3-4 lbs and soak for 20 minutes for the full detoxifying effects. I sleep so well afterwards, it’s unreal.

Add essential oils and you’re in for a real treat.

You can get it at any drug store, but I order a 20lb bag at a time because it’s heavy and I don’t ever want to carry it. I prefer to just have loads of it around so spa day can be every day.


Castor Oil 

Castor oil =  miracle juice. Use it on your hair to condition and support thick, full growth. Use it as a warm pack on your upper abdomen to support your liver, or lower abdomen to support your reproductive health and alleviate menstrual cramps. This is one of my favorites because I get to lay down and watch American Horror Story in the name of health.



Yeah. I did just say breathing is one of my favorite health tools. Sounds obvious, but it’s harder to do *well* than you might imagine. Just a little practice in doing it more mindfully can change the way you do, and see, everything. No. joke.

You can get the first couple of sessions of my Embodiment 101 audio series when you buy an ounce of my wonderful chocolate rose tea from Plum Deluxe (I recommend this tea so completely), or you can go straight to the source and get all seven audios. Use code: realfreedom for 40% off the whole series. You will thank me.


Calm a Mama

If you like your flower essences to taste like ambrosia and work like magic, you will love Calm A Mama. When I want to feel like a walking #luxegoal, I use the Rose Elixir in my San Pellegrino. Of course, I use Cheer, Balance, and Sleep on the daily.



Period underwear is the best thing that ever happened to bleeding, swear to Kris Kristofferson. It really does feel and wear like regular underwear, but absorbs like that giant diaper pad you used in middle school. The sports cut is my favorite, but with their three pack deal you can try several.



Having an ally to help shoulder, clarify, distill and direct what the best paths are for your unique life can be the best investment you will ever make in your whole life. I stand firmly behind the work I do with clients and love watching my clients flourish.

Imagine having me taking excellent care to ensure you experience the best mental, physical, and financial freedom you can achieve during your one precious life.

Perhaps we should be working together.

Consultations are free and I have openings. Is one of them yours?



You know they say that the seed of all addiction is loneliness? As an addict myself, an introvert who doesn’t always want to leave my house, and a sucker for falling into pits of existential angst and despair, it’s long been an intention of mine to figure out a way to create more meaningful communities on line. Ways to connect with your people all over the world in ways that help you feel less, rather than more, alone. A place for women to be seen, heard, validated, celebrated, and inspired.

My group The Liberation Front is turning into just that thing – in a way that kinda floors me. After a year of running it, I’m ready to expand in a greater way. I just dropped the price from $49 per month to only $20 per month. I’d love to have you there.


Men’s Mastermind

Frankly, I’m tired of leaving my guys out in the cold when it comes to awesome, elevating, supportive coaching and groups. SO GUESS WHAT – I’m currently forming a Men’s Mastermind Group for four to six exceptional guys looking for greater efficacy and empathy, without any lame emasculation. Everything you’re up for is on the table.

We will go for six months with weekly coaching calls, daily interaction in a secret Facebook group, opportunities to brainstorm, and connect with other members, and more TBD.

My working price point for this is $396 per month. It’s not cemented yet. The group will start when I have the right members. Call times will be determined by poll so everyone will be available.

If you’re at all interested in this, please let’s schedule a discovery call. It could be just the thing you’ve been waiting for.


And last, but definitely not least, one of my most effective health tools is doing work I love, connecting with YOU, doing my very best to make my little corner of the globe a softer, sweeter, stronger, and a more hilarious and equitable place for everyone.

Thank you so much for being a part of that.

Questions? Hit reply and ask me. Or just say hello. I love hearing from you.


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Note: I either get paid for, or get free products when you purchase *some, not all* of these suggestions. I love money and free stuff. But not enough to say I believe in something that I don’t. So we’re clear. 




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