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TGFI (Thank God For Internet): Volume 19

TGFI (Thank God For Internet): Volume 19

We are not only what we eat, we are all that we consume. We are so fortunate to have so much information available, but discernment in what we feed our brains is paramount to producing good ideas, and to being open enough to understanding the experiences of others. 

So here is where I hope to serve your whole health by delivering quality articles that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity. Plus art + beauty +  LOLZ.

                                                  Here we go.


1. I would change the title of this gallery from “Bodies We Want” to “Athletic Human Bodies That are Awesome to Behold”, because, yeah, it’s phenomenal what things people are capable of. We really don’t even know the reaches of our own power, both external and internal and that gives me all kinds of hope.

2. Saturn’s North Pole changed colors this year and no one knows why. 

3. Toasting slices of sweet potato in your toaster and spreading avocado on them could be the best thing since sliced bread. GET IT?

4. I stand by my theory that narcissism/sociopathy are the real zombie apocalypse. It’s important we take care of ourselves before, during, and after interacting with toxic people. Especially if that interaction was intimate and/or legally binding. Here’s some conversation about taking care of yourself after leaving one of these relationships.

5. Just as important as illuminating the effects of toxic personality disorders *on* us… we must continue to uphold and respect our own mental anguish and imbalances. Here is some simple, but solid, self care advice on living with depression.

6. This is the oldest song ever discovered. It’s 3400 years old and someone managed to recreate it from cuneiform, which is freaking amazing how even. Also, it’s haunting and beautiful and is a lovely reminder of the power of the human spirit, the power of voice, in channeling the medicine of harmonics.

7. Recently there was a heated conversation that happened in the online artist community about how white helpfulness isn’t always helpful to the people for whom it’s intended. Tough conversations, lots of nuance, and some painful truths ended in many people opening to a new paradigm of listening and curious engagement. This article summed that whole thing up beautifully. And there were so many great links in the threads, I mined them into a Google Doc. It’s a little overwhelming in scope but has some great resources. I have 50+ links to add in the literature section I tacked on for good measure because LITERATURE. I’m hoping to get to that this week. All to say, this is a living document.

8. Dear Women Everywhere, Let’s stop letting anyone intimidate us out of taking care of our own health, k?

9. A gun that lets you weaponize your tears. Finally.

10. Best reader’s resource of all time, Brain Pickings, had her ten year anniversary recently and added to her ongoing list of big truths she has picked up from being the most voracious reader in the world, maybe. If you are as big of a fan of Maria Popova as I am, you will love this. And if you aren’t a fan yet… you will be.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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