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TGFI (Thank God For Internet): volume 20

TGFI (Thank God For Internet): volume 20



We are not only what we eat, we are all that we consume. We are so fortunate to have so much information available, but discernment in what we feed our brains is paramount to producing good ideas, and to being open enough to understanding the experiences of others. 

So here is where I hope to serve your whole health by delivering quality articles that educate, inspire, and articulate the human condition so we can stay in reality and curiosity. Plus art + beauty +  LOLZ.

                                                  Here we go.

1. Sometimes (often) humans do incredibly creative things that there is no requirement at all to do. They do it out of pure, unadulterated creative drive and love of craft. This guy made a Beastie Boys remix album entirely from Daft Punk samples and it’s rad.


2. To sum up, Cognitive Bias is when you find evidence all around you to support a thought or belief that’s already inside your brain. It’s one of the (many) ways that your brain helps keep you safe by using efficiency. However, cognitive bias actually keeps you seeing reality untainted by preconceived notions, and can make it hard to make intelligent decisions and come to thoughtful conclusions. You aren’t broken, you’re just the keeper of a brain machine. And walking around armed with knowledge of your machine’s limitations can help you see outside of them. This Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet will help. 


3. Have I talked about Golden Milk before? I don’t even remember, but it’s worth repeating. You may have heard, inflammation is the new Axis of Evil for your health. Seriously though. Inflammation is a nasty state of being caused by difficulty digesting, environmental, and sometimes, emotional toxins. Turmeric can help. And this warm soothing beverage is an incredible delivery system for turmeric. Also, sleep, stay hydrated, and don’t fill your beautiful body with stuff that hurts more than helps. Easier said than done, I know. Remember: I’m here to help.


4. Evonomics: The Evolution of Economics. This whole site is fascinating. One of the few mailing lists I’m currently subscribed to.


5. This interview with Nigerian gender fluid fashion designer: “I think what is happening now is that we are seeing the idea of the masculinity that has upheld so many societies is being challenged and broken down with younger generations who do not want to accept that they need to be assert one sort of masculinity alone. There is a conversation that allows for a man to experience all sorts of emotions. It is also allowing men to explore fashion in a different way and enter realms that have traditionally been female.” UNF. YES.


6. It’s expensive to be poor. 


7. This could be the most energizing, or horrifying, thing you watch ever. A baby sea iguana outrunning way too many snakes that are way too fast. RUN BABY IGUANA! RUNNNNN!


8. An impressive piece on the impact of mothers in prison. To themselves, their children, their communities, and all of us who pay to keep them there, often unnecessarily, and often to greater harm than healing.


9. A decaying old chateau is one of my two dream homes. (The second is a minimalist warehouse loft with giant windows — that I would decorate like a decaying chateau.) I follow this beauty on Instagram like a loyal terrier.


10. A fascinating read on some of the female folklore figures that have been disappeared from our winter festivities. Specifically, Christmas.


Have feels about the reading? Tell us in the comments. Or just say hello. I love hearing from you.





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4 Responses to TGFI (Thank God For Internet): volume 20

  1. Kate O'Brien says:

    You rule! This TGFI stuff is so good. Such a pleasure to have a small curation of what tickles your big, beautiful brain. Happy birthday next Thursday!

  2. Trista says:

    Just love all your letters, Meg. Your honest voice is so pure and you’ve been so generous with your time in both writing and coaching sessions. Just want you to know I read everything you write. Thanks for all you do and are, and happy happy belated birthday. Glad you’re in this world.

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