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Update + Upcoming!

Update + Upcoming!

Sometimes I get so behind on writing to you that the things I want to tell you start to stack up into a year’s worth of posts and I freeze and wonder how I’ll ever write again.

So, I’m going to do an enumerated update post on the last couple of months and what to look forward to in the next couple.

Yay! Elegant solutions abound.


1. For many of us, since the US election, life has been intense and weird. I have a lot to say on this topic, but don’t want to take up this whole post. Mostly, I want to say that I have faith that everything is going to be okay and that it has been an absolute pleasure teaching my clients, (and the people that jumped on my Birthday pricing special) how to see through the veil of tears and fear and KEEP HOPE ALIVE. Now, more than ever, I believe in the accessibility of physical, mental, spiritual, and fiscal healthcare and that happens to be my wheelhouse.

Arrange a coaching session with me. While it’s a great way to dip a toe into a longer term coaching relationship,  you don’t have to be a new client, or new call, to do this. If you feel you could benefit from a fresh perspective on your old stories, habits, resistance, or your new ideas and efforts… I’m yours. I can’t wait to see what we can do together!

Email me.


2. So here’s something weird and, perhaps, normal: I hadn’t taken a vacation since my honeymoon over a decade ago. (A honeymoon for a marriage I am no longer actively in, so like lifetimes ago.) The process of preparing for this trip included a whole village of friends who were willing to show up for my son in a variety of ways, and also, him having more autonomy than he has ever previously enjoyed. He rocked it. He went grocery shopping, utilized the support offered to him, acted resourcefully, and I even came home to a clean house. Really, you guys, I can’t brag enough about my son right now. We’ve traversed some kind of wormhole of maturity and our life together looks like so much familial harmony. After many years of screaming tantrums (both of us) I do not take this time for granted.

3. A couple days before I left, I got rear-ended in my car. Hard. I pulled over, assuming the hitter would follow me to do the whole insurance trade, but instead, they peeled out and away, bumper dragging in front of them. So annoying, right? Who does that? As karma would have it, their license plate was knocked off in the hit and I was able to hand it to the cops. The moral of the story (why do we keep having to learn this lesson?) is: DON’T BE A DICK. THANKS.

4. Me and my whiplash flew fourteen hours to the country/island of Grenada which sits south of St. Lucia, and just north of Venezuela. After a night on the main island, I got on a ferry the next morning for the two-hour journey to Carriacou where I spent two whole glorious, sun-soaked, pink and turquoise weeks. I had the legitimate experience of JOY in this place, you guys. You know how we ask each other how it’s going and the answer is usually “busy” or some commentary on “stress” or “the times”? Well, there the rote question/response is almost always: “Are you enjoying yourself?”

BECAUSE YOUR ENJOYMENT IS IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE. (Do you see the word “joy” in “enjoyment”? Yeah it’s all wrapped up in there like a cozy hug.) After all that prayerful sea swimming, beach walking, drum dancing, and feeling not only FREE TO ENJOY MYSELF, BUT ENCOURAGED TO DO SO…. my body was like a pain-free, Meg-shaped container of peace. I filled the cup, y’all. I remembered what about me, what about our world, still makes sense. And I’m really excited to bring that energy back into my own life, to my son, and into my coaching practice, to you.

5. And then, because life and LOL, a day after I got back home I was diagnosed with a kidney and respiratory infection. BOTH. I got home just in time to see a doctor, to remember, that despite my original motivation to escape the melee of fuckery that is the end of an era in the U.S. government, I was actually grateful to be in my own homeland. Despite the myriad of things that are getting/have gotten wholly perverted in my country, there is still good. And this is my home. I’m glad to live here. I’m so proud of a whole bunch of fantastic people doing incredible work that I know will result in a better world for us all. I don’t know how long it will take, but I refuse to lose hope. I don’t know why I got sick. There could be loads of reasons. I tend to love the stories that are most inclusive of the body-mind connection. So I like to think that my kidneys, seat of self and self-centered fears, were cleaning house and needing to be recuperated and restored from the heaviness they had carried, a gravity I’d let float out into the warm water. And same for my lungs, the keepers of grief and sadness, clearing, coughing up the old phlem of disappointment and letting it float on out and away.

Ultimately, I’m super grateful for antibiotics, juice, and my bed.


6. Last year I launched my private group, The Liberation Front. Just in time, apparently, as “liberation” has taken on a whole new meaning, and one I’m psyched to be exploring with you. We have crossed over from self care for the sake of personal wholeness and freedom, to self care as an important act of resistance, a non-negotiable set of rituals to stay strong, clear, and focused so that we can nail *collective* peace and freedom, so that we can do whatever we can within our homes, families, communities, and planet to KEEP HOPE ALIVE. The group includes monthly recorded topic calls and I’ve pulled out 10 of them and created an audio product for all of you called, Soldier Up: Redefining Self Care for a Revolution. It’s going to be launching in the next couple of weeks. Basically, it’s me streaming helpful narrative re-writes, clarity, and spaciousness right into your ears.

The Liberation Front is still going strong. If joining the group and being part of the conversation is something you might be into… here is more information about all that’s included in membership and the list of upcoming call topics!


7. Some of you may remember the cleanse I did last spring and I promised to tell you more about? Well, this is me telling you more. It was phenomenal. I dropped most of the extra weight that I had accumulated from falling in love and, subsequently, navigating some very deep emotional waters in that relationship, I regained my energy, my glowing skin, and started to get back out into the world in new and improved ways. It was next-level good and, in April, I’m going to be offering you the opportunity to do it with me and a super supportive group of women who are ready to *do whatever it takes* to persist, to be stronger *and* softer, to, again, keep the freaking hope alive, yo. So more on that soon.

8. I’ve been collaborating with The Family Preservation Project at our state women’s prison since last October, working with moms to help them tell their life story as a love story. I have been part of their speaker series, have done small group writing with them, and have gone in to do individual coaching.

One of the (MANY) notable things about working inside the prison is the fact that they have NO FUCKING LIBRARY. Which, having spent two years in a prison myself, devastates me. Reading is one of the only decent escapes and best educators that can feasibly get inside the gates. This will not stand, man. So, I’ve got a super cool book drive/raffle coming up in May. I’m going to be asking you for your old books, as well as some new ones that I think should be in every prison library or person’s brain. And, in addition to feeling great about your donation, there are going to be gorgeous art and jewelry prizes with some very impressive and talented collaborators. Because we can support all the art and love in one fell swoop, yeah? YEAH.


9. The Liberation Front Portland Retreat. Yep. If you’re in the group, you are invited. This one is going to be sunny and joyous AF. We will do much relaxing and many Portland-y things. Like coffee + books + so many foods. Beers if you’re into it. Get to know us.


10. I really want to go back to Carriacou and take you women with me.

Think: spice Islands magic, incredible meals, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, regression therapy sessions, swimming, snorkeling, giant turtles, undulating palm trees, hot pink sunsets, hot pink rum punch with freshly grated local nutmeg, community co-operation, ownership of what you bring, release of what’s no longer serving you, and the REAL + RADICAL reclamation of your JOY. Not even kidding. I’d love to guage interest on this… I’m likely going to cap the group at 6 participants. So if you like the sound of this – let me know.


11. A while back I sent out an email telling you how I was rebranding as a Freedom Coach! Freedom/Liberation is so much of the work I do on so many levels, so it just made sense. I figured if I wrote it to you it would happen! So I wrote it, and tried it on. And here’s the thing: It just didn’t float because, while I could write about it all day, I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud. It’s hard enough to explain to the folks how I make a living on the internet without calling myself a made-up name. Health Coach is relatable and the fact doesn’t change that everything I do is thoroughly based in a foundation of wellbeing. So, I am going to remain a superb health coach and, for now, that is the final word on that. Whether it’s personal, relational, or planetary… health (mental, physical, fiscal, and spiritual) is freedom. The end.

12. I’ve been doing a sporadic compilation of art and articles on Fridays called TGFI (Thank God for Internet). Because I believe the internet can be magical and amazing. However, it has become a little LOUDER than normal since the US election and I feel that a shift is in order. What’s more important than ever is our ability to Keep Hope Alive. Through self care, inspiration, exploration, listening, and action, the most important thing you can do is to be a YOU-SHAPED space of hope in the world. What arises from that hope is going to be the future we want versus the future that we fear. So #TGFI is going to become #KeepHopeAlive: A compilation of beauty and positivity that isn’t about ignorance or escape, but will remind you that things still do make sense, that humans are still good, that what you’re doing matters, that when we are woke and unapologetically wickedly whole… we are a powerful force.

And that’s my story. For now.

What’s yours? Also, I need to know: ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELF?

Yes? Tell me what you’re up to!

No? Tell me how I can support you.

You got this, babe. Strength and grace for miles.

All my love,

P.S. Don’t forget to book your $99 session! This price lasts one week only because there’s only so much of me! Click here to pay and then look out for my email with booking info (again – will come manually, not instantly). I’m so excited to talk to you!

Questions? Hit reply and ask me. Or just say hello. I love hearing from you.


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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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4 Responses to Update + Upcoming!

  1. Donna Chance says:

    Totally loving the idea of the Prison Book Drive. Please keep us posted on this one.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love the sound of the prison book drive! When you have more details to share, I’ll let my book club know. I’m sure they’d love to participate.

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