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#KeepHopeAlive : volume 1

#KeepHopeAlive : volume 1

Through self care, inspiration, exploration, listening, and action, the most important thing you can do is to be a YOU-SHAPED space of hope in the world. What arises from that hope is going to be the future we want versus the future that we fear. So, here is a compilation of beauty and positivity that isn’t about ignorance or escape, but will remind you that things still do make sense, that humans are still good, that what you’re doing matters, that when we are woke and unapologetically wickedly whole… we are a powerful force.

Here we go.

1.  I don’t want to make a habit of being salesy in these missives, but support is a huge part of keeping hope alive and I don’t want you (us) to miss out on this opportunity. Today a client said this to me: “You’re kinduva miracle, btdubs, because you work in weird wily ways — like, suddenly I am eating better food. and drinking more water and the shame is sort of disappearing (my shame surrounding fatness/food). Like all the sudden I felt LOVE for my body instead of loathing and THAT is why I wanted to nourish it.”

Yeah. That made me pretty happy. I’d love to see you feeling good as well. I specialize in upleveling the mental, physical, spiritual, and fiscal health of my clients so they can be better stewards of the planet, and each other.

In the name of rising together and good help being accessible to everyone, I’m offering single coaching sessions for $99 (reg $250) through this week only! Sign up here and I’ll email you to schedule!

We’re better together.

2. A five year old girl channels boundary-breaking women including astronaut Mae Jemison, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and ballerina Misty Copeland in inspirational lookalike snaps for Black History Month.

3. This video of a refugee cat’s epic journey to find its family, is beautiful. Not just because it feels good, but it puts a really human perspective on a tiny snapshot of what a refugee family might feel, how they might hold themselves, and each other together. Refugees are not commodities or concerns. They are family, people, priorities.

4. Valarie Kaul, who is a Sikh civil rights lawyer, film maker and founding director of Groundswell, delivers a moving speech and  passionately calls for an end to hate in America. Stunning.
5. We’re living in a time when we are being called to look hard at what kind of world we want to create, and how to resist the forces of anxiety that would have us immobilized by fear. A way forward is to understand is that true unity comes from solidarity. And solidarity work is sometimes uncomfortable, but will ensure we all get free. What I know for sure is: we are all in this together. And so we must work together for our collective liberation. Some simple ways to start…

6. Garden vegetables should not be only for the wealthy. This single mom in Atlanta is growing her own farm to table food for her family and community. Inspired.

7. Good design for tough situations can make all the difference. Your ideas matter. Here’s a jacket, designed for refugees, that turns into a tent. Also good for folks experiencing homelessness?

8. The future really is female! (Or, really, hopefully, gender neutral… but patriarchy is coming apart at the seams, yo.) Swedish nuclear physicist just got the world’s first approved birth control app – as effective as the pill but using only mathematics.

9. This thoughtful essay is a conversation about the cultivation of nurturance in men being the ultimate step in eradicating rape culture. I love her clearly articulated definitions of attachment styles and how she uses them to describe common relationship scenarios. I especially love her optimism, that we can, and will do better. For the love of all the humans.

10. Scientists are building an ANIMAL FART DATABASE, you guise. #doesitfart is a legitimate hashtag. If every there was a reason for hope, this could be it.

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