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Are Depression + Anxiety the New Normal?

Are Depression + Anxiety the New Normal?


Depression and anxiety might be the new normal for people who feel.


I say that without having done a scientific study, this thought is coming exclusively from my own experience with my life and my contact with clients.


Seems like when living in a culture of fear and diaspora, depression and anxiety mean you’re paying attention.


Maybe you’re paying too much attention… but what does that even mean? How can you *not* pay attention?


Well, we haven’t always lived in a world where the fear stories stream into us relentlessly without pause, though. So there’s that. “Too much” information is hard to avoid. It comes at us when we are seeking support and community. It’s so often in the very same places.


BUT OMG there’s a lot of scary stuff to contend with, including the more subtle, declining structures of family, parenting, and relationships. The disconnect is a fact of life and it’s affecting everyone.


All to say:








Sometimes the pressure to “heal”, “become whole”, “eradicate depression and anxiety”, are just more unrealistic pressure that do nothing but contribute to the shitty feeling that it’s personal.




Oh honey. This *is* absolutely the outcome of your tireless work to be the best person you can be… not a sign you have been failing. This *is* your determination to move through, to absorb and transform, to investigate personal, and cellular ancestral trauma and learn to carry it with more grace in your good body.


And maybe that’s it and it’s okay. Maybe the “cure” is way bigger and our personal experience is a symptom that we can’t completely “eradicate” until we have figured a way back into the support of villages that understand that collective health and wealth benefit all its members.


I’m holding out for that.


So, I’m not suggesting you stop taking whatever medicine is helping you weather all of this global uncertainty and dissonance, or your brain chemistry. But I am suggesting that you entertain the idea that you are not a broken mess in need of personal “healing” to be enough. That you are, in fact, a normal, empathic, human being experiencing profound dissonance. And it’s incredibly painful.


I am suggesting that support matters, that your health matters, that having your already-whole being mirrored accurately with all the love and understanding is helpful AF.


It would be my pleasure to support you as a private client.


I’m not a replacement for your doctor, but I do have the wisdom, experience, and ability to hold powerful, non-judgemental space for you to start integrating new nourishment, nutrition, ideas, and actions into your life to aid your work in being WHO YOU ALREADY ARE: a soft, sensitive, smart, lovely HUMAN BEING who needs to be witnessed, and dearly loved, to thrive.


Deep breaths. Being sad and scared is completely reasonable. Just remember that you didn’t *cause* these feelings. No matter how many fucked up “choices” you may think you’ve made – YOU are a place where love shows up. It’s just the facts.


Perhaps we should be working together.


Click here to schedule a $45 30 minute discovery call. We will talk about what you need + whether or not working together in a deeper way is a good fit. You will be invoiced after you schedule. If we choose to continue working together, the $45 fee will be applied to your package purchase.


More about working with me.
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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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