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Cannabis + Community + Connection

Cannabis + Community + Connection

As you’ve likely noticed by now, I’ve dipped my toes into the waters of the cannabis industry.

Yup. Weed.

Shifting my own perception of cannabis from “drugs” to “medicine” was a powerful catalyst. It allowed me to use it differently, pay attention to dosing, to my environment, and to my interaction with different strains, and methods of consumption. Things you pay attention to when you have medicine-level respect for something, rather than guilt and paranoia, right?

Over the last year+, cannabis has become a regular part of my self care. I microdose consistently through the day, all day. Also I use recreationally, but mainly, as support.

:::Microdosing is the consumption of a sub-perceptual amount of something. Primarily this term is used around cannabis and other psychedelics being used with amazing success to treat mental health issues and amplify health, creativity, and human connectivity:::

Anyway, the results have been phenomenal. I’m actually a little embarrassed to talk about it because I like to be emotionally measured at all times ha. Excitement makes me feel vulnerable.


I can say without the least bit of hyperbole that this medicine has radically upgraded my life experience in every way. I have thought, and taught, folks how to live *with* depression + anxiety for years. How to embrace the inevitable. So many people are sad and afraid. So very many of us sensitive creatures suffer this way. And now, NOW? I am wondering if I really do have to live with the daily darkness.

I’m starting to really believe that I/we can live free of impending psychic doom, among so many other things.

No impending psychic doom? PICK ME AMIRIGHT?

Turns out that turning on, and building out, the body system responsible for homeostasis (the endocannabinoid system) heals a metric ton of shitty stuff.

Including loneliness.

Because here’s the magic part:

It’s not only about what cannabis does inside of our bodies. It’s about the way that it calls to action the sharing of our stories, gathering, and returning to the most ancient form of healthcare – mothers, women, healers, the profound sentience of plant medicine.

The desire to connect, the feeling of connection versus isolation, is one of the EFFECTS of cannabis.

Which wholly beats the side effects of many other meds. (Constipation and inorgasmia can go die is all I’m saying.)

So my little bout of toe dipping, well, I’m pretty sure I’m in a whole new world professionally now. I’m learning so much, so fast. I’m discovering so many new opportunities and options. I don’t know what that is going to look like for Feed Me Darling going forward long term, but what it looks like now is that I really want to talk about it and share knowledge and support all the time.

Lucky for me (and you!) I just started a group all about it. It’s where I’m putting all of my learning, resources, coupon codes, and LIVE videos (who even am I).

I’m getting ready to take the group into a dispensary via FB live so all the brave and wonderful beginners can see how it works!

The group started last Friday, but the first coaching call isn’t until Tuesday. So I really wanted to give you guys one last chance to join up and go on this journey with me, others, and a plant that, when respected, will bring it’s own magic of the highest earth order.

Go here to join! 

Also, I am for sure still me doing kick ass health/life coaching. We don’t have to talk about cannabis, but we can. Coaching with me is a great way to make deep and lasting changes in the peace, spaciousness, and articulation of your human experience. Live while you’re here and all that.

If coaching sounds interesting … I’ve been doing shoutouts for $99 discount hour sessions when I have them available each week. That’s a great way to start. We can do a lot in one call, and if we want to go longer, we will know and can discuss then. Feel free to email and let me know if you want to talk!

Also, I’m talking about all of the things in lovely stories on Instagram. Facebook has just worn me out and blogging has been side lined a bit for in person networking. But IG stories is turning into an incredible platform for bridging and sharing for me. I’d love to see you there. @megworden






Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

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Free Your Mind. Your Ass Will Follow.

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