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 Hello Gorgeous.

I just think that one of the coolest things about the internet is that we get to find our people. So the first little bit I want to say about me is: YOU. Because being here together is no accident – birds of a feather and all. And while we might have vastly different life stories, we probably have more in common than either of us will ever know. So cheers to that. And us. And this awesome, incomprehensible, ever-evolving webworld that connected us in the first place.

I became a Health Coach because learning how to take care of myself through food and exercise radically changed my life.

The people I work with all struggle with food issues. My role as your health coach is to teach you how to make healthier choices easy and accessible.

Years ago, digesting the world in a spacious, joyful way seemed very out of reach for me as well.

The big story that got me to this place where I help you transform your greatness is the one where I let my own desire to feel whole, complete, cared for and nourished get so totally convoluted and out of control that I found myself in an unsustainable and sinking relationship while epically self-medicating and selling ecstasy pills for a living. It’s true.

It gets worse. I ended up incarcerated in federal prison. (Yes, I’ve written the book and am currently shopping it to agents).

In prison there aren’t too many ways to self medicate. So I turned back to my childhood favorite: food.

I grew up with a mother who was a great cook, a gifted gardener and knowledgeable about nutrition so my palate had a solid intro to fresh and whole foods. But I still ate brown sugar lumps out of the bag, dreamed of twinkies, and agreed to sleep over at friend’s houses specifically because I knew their parents would be taking us to McDonald’s for dinner. Yes, I’ve been known to eat cans of sweetened condensed milk with a spoon, unwrap and consume a triangle of Brie like a sandwich and down multiple pints of Ben & Jerry’s every day for weeks on end.

I am particularly susceptible to any substance that provides emotional repression.

Big feelings and all.

Sound familiar?

Between the extremely low nutritional content of the food in these institutions and the pain of separation (especially from my baby boy which is a story for another time), isolation, and a stripped identity, well, The Hunger – it trumped reason.

The Hunger was one of the many things that snapped into clarity within the confines of this enclosure.

I realized in a very experiential way that how we feed ourselves, the foods we eat as well as our access to contact, affection and satisfying life experiences, is directly connected to how we relate to and expand into the world around us. Period.

This insight lit a fire in me.  Over the next six years, I dove deep into nutrition books, worked in health food stores. I finished my yoga teacher training program with Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas and I opened, managed and taught classes in my own yoga studio for several years. I studied nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and now am writing, coaching and speaking full time.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the way this basic act of nourishing (or not nourishing) ourselves affects every single facet of our lives.

Nutrition and exercise also healed my body. I lost weight, completely eradicated my food cravings, calmed my anxiety and balanced my hormones. I found out that it is possible to be comfortable in my body and in my life.

Food can truly be medicine.

But I don’t want to peddle you another dietary dogma.

That’s the last thing you need.

What I would like to tell you is that eating can be a service to your art, a vote for human and planetary health.

I would like to tell you that what you eat can absolutely be the change. What you choose to physically digest can radically affect your ability to digest information and stimulus. It can profoundly alter the way you are able to present that stimulus back to the world through your own creative medium, your unique voice.

Eating consciously also can help with the obvious: weight loss, better sleep, stress reduction, the abatement of many if not most of your health concerns. It can bring balance to your emotions and create spaciousness in your thoughts. All of that plus glowing, sexy, skin, lush hair and sparkling teeth.

Eating the best foods for your body can turn you into a conduit for art and for love.

And it can still be a pleasurable social activity, surrounded by ease.

Good nutrition is like a sound seat belt.

Because this life has been and continues to be, an incredible ride.

I’ve lived a hundred different lives and moved a hundred different times. If I could do anything I would do everything.

I have a growing list of things published in a variety of places like Elephant Journal, The Nervous Breakdown, JackMove Magazine, Moon City Review and more. I am currently shopping the finished manuscript of my memoir project to agents.

I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and registered with Yoga Alliance.

At times I have also run piña coladas and cuba libres up and down the beaches of Key West, tended bar, served fabulous food, cigars and spirits in fine dining restaurants and once I even managed a restaurant, until Hurricane George shut us down. I’ve been a hairdresser and a makeup artist and done editorial test shoots in NYC, I’ve driven a tractor, sold clothes and skin care and crocheted bookmarks, won a writing contest, washed cars, cooked, cleaned, cat sat, mowed, planted and, for awhile, traveled around in a Volkswagen Campervan. (1973, pop-top, fire engine red).

I love the combination of funny and soulful and regularly practice synesthesia.

I walk miles every day with music in my ears. I think truffle oil is perfect in every way. Also, figs. I’m obsessed with abandoned buildings and how everything is connected to everything. I keep rocks in my pockets to help hold me down, and sometimes, when I really love a book I’ve read, I practically make out with it.

I thrive on helping people distill their dreams and get exactly what they want out of life.

I can’t help it. I feel everything.

And, really, your beauty could crush my heart.

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