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Embodiment 101

Embodiment 101

A seven session audio series


Have you heard the words “being present” a zillion times, but wondered what it *really* means? Does it mean having no other thoughts? Does it mean having a monk-like focus? Does it mean never ever being uncomfortable and distracted?

The short answer is: NO.

But it does mean being *more* of those things. Or, rather LESS of the anxiety, discomfort, and shame that might be lurking in your body, your mind, your stories, your relationships.

It means knowing what you want. Knowing what you DON’T want. It means being able to be discerning about what gets your powerful energy and limited time.

It means entering into a deep, unconditional, true-love relationship with your own being. So much love that it spills out of you affecting everything you touch, everyone you meet.

Being present is the ability to be completely embodied.

In. Your. Body.

It’s the recognition that you are not your body; rather, you HAVE a body. A body that’s yours to care for, maintain, and protect. So it can do the same for you.

When you add more of yourself into your body, it will crowd a lot of less useful things.

This audio series is a beautiful + pragmatic instruction to get you there. 


Sound familiar?

  • Do you wish your body was different? Lighter? Easier?
  • Do you have an adversarial relationship with your body? Do you call it names and deride the ways it isn’t serving you? Or makes you feel ashamed?
  • Do you have anxiety when you look in the mirror? When you’re getting dressed?
  • When you’re in social situations, is your attention all over the room, or inside of your own body?
  • Are you comfortable just taking up the space of you? Sitting in the chair? Standing around in your own skin?
  • In social situations do you spend the whole time trying to predetermine what other people want from you before giving them the chance to like you? Or not like you?
  • Do you live in your head?
  • Do you have a hard time determining what are the most important things you should focus on?
  • Do you feel self care is indulgent, selfish, or you are unworthy of the kind of time out it takes to truly rejuvenate your creative mind and empathetic heart?

Here’s what I want to see for you instead

  • To be utterly and completely comfortable in your body. To really ADORE it. To be the loving parent of your own body, your own self.
  • To have increased lung capacity and flexibility.
  • To be so tuned into your body’s needs that you’re able to meet them with no drama. To hear when the needs are whispering, not screaming.
  • I want you to be maintaining your body as your primary environment and foundation so that it can do its job of maintaining YOU.
  • I want to see you in the HABIT of taking long deep breaths when faced with anxiety or adversity. Being responsive to stimulus. Instead of reactive.
  • I want you have internal clarity and strength—the actual tools that allow you to rewrite your limiting stories.
  • To have more, better sleep.
  • To feel the kind of self love that allows you get out of your own fragility and ACTUALLY be of service to the world.
  • To realize you aren’t broken and your specific sensitivities—when honored, cultivated, and elevated—make you a FORCE OF LOVE AND CHANGE IN THIS LIFE, you magical creature, you.

Yeah. I see what you can be. I want to help you get there.


What’s included?

After you make your purchase, you’ll immediately receive seven mp3 audio files to download to your computer, phone, or device.

Each audio session is about 20 minutes long and is yours forever.

Throughout the seven sessions in this audio series, you will learn:

  • Why embodiment is one of the most powerful practices you can have for a rich, full life
  • Relaxation techniques for anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • A reliable practice to return to when you need to gain clarity and make sound decisions
  • A gentle method to approach parts of your body that are uncomfortable to inhabit
  • How to instantly get grounded and re-energized
  • How to carry yourself through life with so much more peace and grace
  • The best way to respond to emotional triggers
  • Why you should treat your brain like a pet, and what to do when you inevitably get distracted

Cost: $99

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Glowing Reviews


“I genuinely love what you have created here…and the timing was so perfect, as I needed the tools you offered in this series to help me navigate all kinds of family chaos.

So many words resonated as I was listening, and are still swirling around in me.  Particularly powerful were: “Allowing is an action,” “soft occupation,” “radiant shape,” and “choose the sacred story.” You have a soothing voice, strong and comforting. Very inviting.

I would so recommend this series to anyone—the practice of being with these tools and invitations is freeing, shifting, and radical.”
~ Karen Jonsson



“My entire goal in life is to continue to listen to one Embodiment 101 session a day while I lay on the floor after doing my daily exercise.

What I loved about the Embodiment 101 series is the practice of staying in my body. This is probably my biggest health challenge. I am a nerd. I sit in a chair all day and I sit in my head. This meditative audio helped me reconnect with all parts of my body, from my toes to the hair on my head. Different ones made me feel differently. One day, I felt mostly relaxed and ready to go to bed. Another day, I felt a surge of creative energy as the attention I paid to my body during the embodiment meditation allowed me to hear my body speaking to me about something regarding my coaching practice. I love this series. They are key to my goal of practicing presence for my own self.”
~ Iyabo Onipede


“What an empowering series! Meg’s approach was light and fun, and I felt her love energy throughout every session. I felt accepted, safe and free. Meg’s voice was calm and smooth, and her words kind and thoughtful.

It is hard to be present and mindful in this world of distractions. The Embodiment 101 series does a great job of validating that with its approach to accepting our ‘monkey brains’ and confirming that it is OK. Thank you for the permission to unlock guilt and self judgement!”
~ Alicia Poole

“I’ve been enjoying these ’embodiment exercises’ (though they’re so much more than that!) daily. I’ve listened in the bath, even while cooking. I’ve experienced a radical transformation with my breath…as though I have actually grown & expanded lung capacity. It’s pretty insane really how flexible & expansive my breathing has become! There is so much embedded wisdom—Meg’s fundamental teachings are woven in beautifully. The recordings build on themselves but can be listened to over and over without getting old. I keep finding new words or images to grab hold of.
Embodiment 101 is a great practice particularly for non-meditators to find their way in…and for the rest of us, a sweet visualization to strengthen our own practice. It’s like shavasana—the template is there, and all the work is done for us! Meg’s voice is spellbinding, and the exercises are so powerful.
~ Brooke Sevenau


Start feeling better in your body and in your life today.

Get on the body-love train and order now

Want a free sample? Enter your email below to get a sample audio from Embodiment 101—free.

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