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Feed Me, Darling talks bring dynamic inspiration to your stage or group meeting. With a background in teaching, readings and storytelling, Meg will keep your audience engaged, entertained and educated from start to finish. Guaranteed.

I have seen Meg speak twice – once at a storytelling event and  the other, a lecture on holistic well being. Meg brings an incredibly clear message and engages her audience is such a genuine, rare way.  You truly feel like she is talking directly to you, even in a crowd of hundreds of people.  She has the gift of creating story around a topic so that you walk away full of great new information. Meg Worden is a speaker I’d be more than happy to travel around to see!  ~Skylor Powell, Owner Sprout Health

Transformational health presentations available for businesses, corporations, wellness events or private groups on a variety of topics including:

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Wellness
  • Have Your Cake + Eat It Too - Cravings, addictions, weight loss
  • Developing Strong Roots and Wings - Stress Free + Ready for Anything
  • Sugar Blues
  • High Octane Nutrition - Superfoods, Living, Greens
  • But Where Do You Get Your Protein? - An Introduction to Plant Based Eating
Send me an email and we can talk details. 

You know who’s luminescent and riveting on stage? Meg Worden is, that’s who. Her voice and presence draw you in, her natural ability to keep language and narrative vivid keep you there. Don’t be fooled by her smooth nature, underneath is an awesome roller coaster ride. Meg’s fearlessness will seep into you and you might just find yourself gripping the armrests of your chair as a most unexpected adrenaline rush takes you on a journey like no other.

~ B. Frayn Masters, Senior Producer of BackFencePDX

Meg Worden is a true orator. Her heartfelt compassion, sharp wit, and transparency creates the space for the audience to connect to her stories and ultimately to each other. She will have you laughing and crying at the same time. – Kinya Nicole Jones, Owner Holistic Soul

image credit: Stephen Kurowski

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