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Holistic Cannabis Group *for your health*

So I’ve been a cannabis consumer off and on since high school. I used it to party (self-medicate for social anxiety), but I struggled with the way it sometimes gave me worse anxiety. Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes I would end up under the covers, painfully aware of each and every arm hair movement, and wondering if this was the end of me. I was confused about how it was supposed to be used and I didn’t respect it as medicine. Well, it was illegal and illicit so we didn’t really have quality information. Duh, we were raised on a legit smear campaign of a plant that has many, many real health benefits. 


Turns out, cannabis has been used for thousands of years as powerful physical, mental, and spiritual medicine by all walks of life across the globe.


For the last couple of years, since it’s become legal in my state, I’ve been doing mad research on its uses for health and wellness. I really do want to medicate for social anxiety (and all the anxiety) but in a far more mindful way. And I’ve finally gotten a handle on what works for me, how best to consume it for my particular constitution and lifestyle. The relief is beyond, you guys. Cannabis has become integral in managing my depression and anxiety.


But beyond that even –  it’s had many lovely and surprising side-effects. It has deepened my connection to my own body, softening and soothing, motivating me to exercise, meditate, self-care, and make more nutritious food choices. Unexpected right?


This plant that has a reputation for turning folks into lazy bums can actually work to do just the opposite! It can wholly support a life of holistic health and wellness from the preventative to the palliative to the curative.


I’m a believer. And I’ve put a lot of work into educating myself on healthy, moderate use, with amazing results. The more I suggest its use to clients and friends with unbelievable results, the more I’m convinced that it’s going to be part of my health coaching practice.


Stigma be damned.


And, really, de-stigmatizing is in my wheelhouse. Grin.


Recently, I even got my 87-year-old grandmother to start using a quality CBD oil for her chronic pain. Before she was unable to walk directly across the street to go to church, she was unable to ride her exercise bike, she leaned on her cane while wincing in pain every time she took a step. When she needed to sit or to rise, it would sometimes take her several minutes. Her sleep was severely interrupted by her discomfort, her days punctuated by her regular consumption of Oxycodone which was only scratching the surface of her pain, but risking her health with dangerous side effects. We worked with her CBD dosing (and are still monitoring it) and she was *immediately* relieved. Now, she is moving around WITHOUT PAIN in all of the ways she was missing.


So that’s exciting. ←– massive understatement.


There is power in this ancient plant that has natural compounds that fit, like the keys in a lock, into our own system for healing, for joy.

There is power for women healers and women’s health in this growing industry.  It is truly mother earth medicine.

There is power in our support of ourselves and each other.

Also, there is peace.


I’m curious… how many of you are out there feeling really overwhelmed by all of the options and the language? How many of you suspect that some of these products could be really helpful for you but don’t know where to start and having an ally in the process might be just the thing?


Helping people understand and utilize this precious plant is the next expansion of my job as a holistic health coach. I feel it in my bones, and in my body. I’ve been moving towards this for a very long time but I’ve been scared and uncertain around stigma. I’ve spent so long trying so hard to restore my credibility from my felony conviction. What would people think?


Turns out I care way more about helping and healing than I care about judgment. I’m positive that we, citizens of the globe, need a balls-to-the-wall return to earth, nature, and the direct connection and consumption of the plants that work in symbiosis with our own systems: plant foods, mushrooms, herbs, minerals, love.


We need to return to reverence and respect, the true recognition of our connection to, rather than dominance over, the planet we inhabit.


It’s non-negotiable, Y’all.


And not every medicine is for everyone. But this cannabis is worth exploring for a lot of folks, for a lot of reasons. There is a way, there is help, there is hope. And I want to guide and facilitate as much of that as possible.


For YOU, this is a low-cost group experience to benefit yourself, and anyone you know that might thrive with knowledge and support in the rising new world of medicinal cannabis.


It’s your opportunity to be privy to the wisdom downloads I’m bringing to the table while I’m in full-immersion learning mode. 


Tell me, have you heard the stories of people finding relief from physical and mental pain and wonder if cannabis could work for you? Have you heard about the cannabis gym in California and wonder how it can help you work out? Or Cannabis Yoga and wonder how on earth this compound can actually help you with self-care and healthy food and body choices? Or maybe you know that there is a goofy idea that pot makes people feel all gooey and in touch with “the universe” and you suspect that as funny as that can be in jokes, maybe having direct experience of joy and oneness with all living things…. Might not be such a joke at all, maybe it’s the antidote to our current cultural clusterfuck?


Yeah? Well, then this group is for you.


Let’s start with three months together. Two live/recorded calls per month where we can share stories, get coaching, and you can ask questions to help guide your personal journey and a private facebook group where you can talk confidentially and freely about your health and your cannabis experimentation and use.


You will benefit from the research and coaching I’ve already done in this arena, as well as my growing body of knowledge as I move further and further into this field of healing while we are together.


Some Benefits:

What to expect when you walk into a dispensary for the first time?

What are different ways to consume cannabis?

What is THC? What is CBD? How do they work and which one should you use?

What is the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid?

How does the endocannabinoid system work?

How can cannabis be used in concert with your other health practices like yoga, other exercises, energy work, food, other botanicals?

What is micro-dosing?

And, as a certified and experienced holistic health coach, you get the bonus of my expertise + years of experience in adding the appropriate health practices for your full and complete wellness experience.

You will have the support to experiment, as questions, benefit from me and each other. A truly safe space.



July 21-October 21

Calls will be on the first and third Tuesday at 5pm pst / 8pm est and last 60-90 minutes

—> these calls will be recorded so all can benefit even if you cannot make the time!<—

note: we can only discuss your use of this medicine if you are in a legal state. if you are not, you are welcome to join the group to learn, but we will have to tread carefully to protect us both from legal troubles.



Since I’m being clear that this is a fund-raising scenario, I’ve decided to price this thing on a donation basis. This way, you can join if you have limited funds, also you can fund my project and the powerful healing work I’m going to be able to provide so many people even if you aren’t interested in joining at this time! 


***Suggested donation for the 3 month group is $150 (use code: suggested150)***



Other donation options:

$40 code: weedlove40

$200 code: weedlove200

$350 code: weedlove350

$500 code: weedlove500

$1000 code: weedlove1000

$1500 code: weedlove1500

$2000 code: weedlove2000

$2500: Be my angel investor! No code needed!




All are welcome. All are appreciated. 



Want to get in touch? You can email me directly:

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