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Life Equals

In the six years I’ve been working as a health coach and the sixteen years I’ve been in wellness, I’ve compiled dozens of lists of my favorite supplements to offer clients who wanted to uplevel their nutrition and handle food cravings as effectively as possible. These lists were like mixtapes of products from different companies because I never found a single company I felt good about on every level from quality to consciousness.

LifeEquals_Logo (2)Until now.

I am ridiculously excited to introduce you to Life Equals: the supplement company that finally won my cynical, robot heart:

  • The vitamins are food-based and easily absorbed. They don’t ever make me nauseous even if I take them on an empty stomach (which I do) and I felt a difference the day I started taking them.
  • They have all of my favorite things (Women’s Multi, Omega 3’s, Probiotics, + superfood Balance Shots)  and keep the product line super simple. Who wants to take a pile of supplements that looks like an entire meal? Not me. Supplements should supplement healthy food and lifestyle. Life Equals has nailed this concept.
  • They partner with Vitamin Angels, donating dose for dose to malnourished children here in the U.S. and globally. They would have done it themselves, but they realized how insane running a business AND a non-profit at the same time would be, so they chose to focus on doing what they do best. So they did their homework and found out who was already the best at global vitamin distribution. Work smarter much? Yeah that.
  • The founders of Life Equals, their staff, and their ambassadors are people who give a shit. Something that can’t be overstated and is painfully underrated. Making great stuff and not being a sociopath should be easy! For the founders of Life Equals, it is easy. They are actually delivering. They are actually walking their talk. They are actually making quality vitamins that will do the trick of filling in the nutritional gaps in your diet WHILE doing their part to contribute and re-distribute the love.

I am extremely proud to be one of their health coach ambassadors. I’m also excited because it gives me the opportunity to save you money so you can see for yourself.

Get 75% off your first month’s subscription order, and 15% off subsequent months.

(You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time with no hassle.)

Yeah. That’s almost FREE. Because they are so confident you will love them, they want you to try them out.

I am also that confident you should try them.

Here is all you have to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a subscription of your favorite products (I recommend the Women’s multi, Omega 3’s, Probiotics, and Balance Shots)
  3. Enter code WOR50
  4. Share this with your friends
  5. Let me know how much you love them and how else I can support you to a healthier, saner, more easeful life

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