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Men’s Mastermind

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It’s no secret that personal development is mostly women and women-centric and I often hear about guys feeling left out in the cold with few options for them to explore the ways our culture is evolving and demanding they evolve as well. But offering few tools to do so.

So here it is. IT’S YOUR TURN, GUYS.

Wagon-circling group support, arenas to gather information and inspiration for MORE MENTAL, PHYSICAL + FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Available to the men..

It would be an absolute pleasure to support you.

When it comes to non-judgmental listening, understanding and reframing, Meg’s the gold standard. I came to Meg with a tricky issue … and was having trouble seeing outside of that tricky issue … to the point where it had become an all-consuming worry.

Meg, with her wealth of knowledge and not-entirely-common experience, worked magic.

She leaned on her own experience, mixed it up with some unusual insight and compassion, and made that worry go away, quite literally, overnight.

That meant that I was able to start seeing further ahead than my own nose once again, was able to make plans, get things done and enjoy a renewed sense of calm that was eluding me before.

She’s the real deal.

– Matthew Kimberley

I want to gather 4-6 open-minded men, who resonate with the shit I write, who aren’t interested in being feminized or emasculated, but know that there is a better, more beautiful way to warrior the fuck out of the world than emotional stifling and oppression, and know that it includes having, and sharing, some feelings — a balance of strength and warmth.

If you’re  a seeker, secretly spiritual, non mainstream masculine, not sure what other guys will think if you’re being the real YOU, been looking for more meaning since you were a weirdly mature little kid…we should talk.


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Meg is a teacher, a healer, a guide, and a mentor—though she’d probably hesitate to label herself as any of those things. And it’s with good reason. She traffics in the same paradigms as coaches and consultants, but her language and approach are down-to-earth and rooted in the dirty realities of life. She’s someone able to take the New Age, the political, the social, and the personal and strip it of all its airy feel-goodness to get the solidity of what it means to you, what you can realistically implement in your life, and how to make changes in the time you have—no preternatural requests that requite 36-hour days and 10-day weeks. No convoluted bullet points and to-do lists—just gems of knowledge and keen insights about the world we actually live in and how to navigate it as a better human. She’ll work with you to make you work yourself to get some real shit done in real ways. She not only gets it, but she’ll make sure that you do, too.

Kris Ex

Basic Guidelines

For a FULL six months (so we can instill sustainable habits for you) We will meet by phone for 60-90 minutes every other week for powerful group coaching, and have a private forum to discuss daily topics as well as personal and cultural issues that concern you. And more TBD.

  • 12 Group Coaching Calls
  • 2 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Small Group Meetings (Community is paramount!)
  • Access to the monthly live + recorded calls from The Liberation Front
  • Active Facebook Group for you to support each other, expound on call topics, share your work, ask for help, offer help, and hopefully bring the hilarity and levity. Humor is the best medicine always.
  • And more TBD

You will benefit from community, connection, each other’s experience, strength, and yes… bravery.
I have experience mentoring male from the start-up world, to inmates inside prisons. I have a deep respect for men, and my desire to evolve, together, towards an equality that supports us all, regardless of gender, yet still honors what is valuable about us as a whole.
This is an opportunity to become stronger, more capable, sure of your own worth, integrity, potential, and process. You will improve your health, your communication skills, and find new peace in yourself and in your relationships.

Whatever is going on for you that concerns your personal version of success and freedom is on the table. Career, Relationships, Creativity, Health + Fitness… is WELCOME HERE.

If this sounds like it’s MADE FOR YOU or calls to you in any way, email me: hello(at)megworden(dot)com and let me know you’re interested. We’ll schedule a time to talk on the phone and make sure it’s a good fit for us both and the group.
As soon as the right group is assembled, we will find call times that work for everyone and finalize the fee schedule. Let’s connect.


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How many people will you meet in the course of a lifetime who have the capacity to recognize your uniqueness and stimulate within you a more articulate understanding of your own gifts and purpose? I’ll say you’re lucky to meet even one. You’ve won the lottery if you happen upon two. And you’ve probably crossed over into a higher realm altogether if you can count up to three.

I know where to find one.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an article written by Meg Worden that had been posted on the internet. The style of her writing was infused with soul and grit, humor and insight. I was compelled to look her up and read more of her material. In the process I learned that she is a life coach, and I saw she was offering a free 1/2 hour phone consultation. My life was stuck. I was isolated and bored out of my mind with existence. I really don’t go for these kinds of things, but yeah, I did, and I’ll be forever grateful that our paths intersected. A few conversations with Meg changed my life. For real. Sounds stupid, but it’s true.

My life didn’t change overnight. My clarity of purpose did. And that’s a big deal because I had lived 44 years developing a keen understanding of my potential alongside the acute awareness that it was lacking an application. The insights that struck me during our conversations continued to billow and flow within me for weeks after our chats. Suddenly, I was able to articulate my purpose. I felt immediately relieved, validated, and empowered to apprehend myself more lucidly despite the unchanged surface of my outer circumstance.

Two years later now, I move forward through a whole new world of opportunity and creative endeavors. My life is no longer stuck and I’m not bored out of my mind with existence. I’m on an adventure again, designing a life that accommodates the aspects of myself that I value most, rather than accommodating a life which degrades my being. The conversations I had with Meg were not only among the best conversations I’ve ever had, they were simply invaluable. They were instrumental in my evolution. She’s wicked smart! Quite personable. Unflinchingly honest. Kind. Experienced. Effective. Unforgettable. And totally real!

Thank you, Meg!

Skye Milan

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