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I love the way Meg approaches food and health because she makes them into a compelling story that you can’t help but keep reading—there’s narrative in every recipe which makes them that much more delicious. She knows what she’s talking about and explains everything in an honest, direct and no-BS way.

~ Paul Jarvis - Web Designer + Author of Eat Awesome

heatherSweet jiminy, where to begin! I found Meg’s blog by some grand stroke of providence and never looked back.I was just blown away by her stellar writing and her totally non-dogmatic approach to health, life and business. No sanctimony or shame around these parts – she’s like a pepper mill of love and fabulous ideas. Meg is truly my kind of people because rather than seeing what needs to be “fixed”, she sees everyone as full of potential, and she gives it to you straight up. Her newsletter is one of the three that I read religiously and I constantly recommend that my clients sign up for it to get a dose of what we need to see more of in business and life. You should get on it too – stat!

~Heather Thorkelson, Republic of Freedom

greenchairstudio-illana-burk-headshot-001-webMeg is one of those amazing people that makes you feel completely heard and valued right from the start. She makes health feel accessible, simple, and, most importantly, possible. Her spirit and raw honestly put me at ease and made me feel supported at every turn. She’s not the type of health coach that makes you feel like you have to be perfect or you’re letting her down – rather, she helps you embrace your habits and helps you shift your mindset instead. The results were nothing short of transformational. To know Meg is to love Meg. Working with her is one of the very best and most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

Illana Burk - Business + Brand Designer

mollyMeg is a wielder of magic. Practical magic. The recipes she concocts monthly as part of the Feed Me Darling recipe service are delightful and, dare I say it? — transformative. As a serious foodie who used to crave fat, sugar, and salt, it was a wonderful thing to be introduced to foods that are both full of flavor and healthy. Her Nutbutter, Miso, Veggie sandwich was my summer go-to and the coconut breakfast pudding is now part of the breakfast rotation. She’s also a terrific writer, providing not just food, but much life-changing food for thought.

~ Molly Norton, New Food Eden

Meg makes healthy living doable. Instead of feeling like a daunting mountain of things to do, she gives a path that propels me into health. Working with Meg, I’ve lost weight, gained more energy and I just feel really good these days.  Just one idea from Meg changed how I sleep, so that I now go to bed, fall asleep easily, and wake up refreshed.  That’s made a huge difference in my life!

~Bridget Pilloud - Intuitive, Animal Conversationalist, Life Maven

Feed Me, Darling is more than a health counseling service or a nutrition resource. It’s more interactive than a series of meetings and emails. It’s more innovative than a sharing of recipes. Feed Me Darling is a platform for highly energized success and realization of your own potential. The reason: Meg Worden energized her life using food, realized her creative potential and wants to help you do the same. Meg recognizes that food is your future, and she’ll equip you with the tools you need to venture unabashedly into it.

~ Emily Hutto - Journalist

I started working with Meg at a time in my life when I just felt completely exhausted and spent on all fronts. I had nothing left to give anyone, especially myself. Meg has a tremendous gift. Through her unconditional guidance, life experience, and insightful humor, she reminded me how to reconnect to the space that is always right there for me. Remembering how to find this space of joy and purpose is essential to my happiness. In a sense, she led me back to what’s been right there all along. I had just become so disconnected from it, that everything felt overwhelming. Meg understood the essence of what I needed, and she guided me to it. I feel like the Universe connected me with Meg to remind me that with the right guidance and support, we can all be our own answer.

~ Sara F.

Meg? She’s magic. To know her is to love her and to work with her is to love yourself more. She’s quietly brilliant, effectively perceptive, and gently challenging. With keen spiritual eyes, she takes apart the stuff you’re telling yourself about your own experience, and graciously helps you rewrite your story in a way that makes you victorious. Healing, restoration, alchemy, grace, love — that’s Meg Worden.

Abby Kerr - Copywriter, Voice Profiler

HollyMeg is a strong, professional woman with a passion that is contagious…it makes people want to join in. This is a woman who is going to take care of whomever I send to her. They will feel like she is smart, capable, and going to handle things with a no BS attitude, but loads of compassion and wit.

~ Holly Hagerman, Owner of Green Rising Marketing

Inspirational, heart-centered, sincere servant.~ Mark Silver, Heart of Business

Since starting my work with Meg, I’ve made some profound but gentle changes in how I live. These changes have deep effects on my energy level, emotion, food intake, exercise habits, and overall sense of wholeness. I feel happier, more understood, and even more rested every time I talk to her and I leave our sessions refreshed and hopeful, with new insight about how I care for myself and my family. She’s put me in touch with a whole new sense of being fed – and a whole new world of nutrition.

~ Deborah Cox, Psychologist

Meg Worden is a raw-and-ready resource maven, a make-it-happen consultant, motivator, and conceptress.

Meg Pokrass, Author

When I heard Meg talk about what she did it was like the clouds parted and I couldn’t contact her fast enough. We met for an initial consult and we talked about some goals I wanted to set. In the past six months she has transformed the way I see food and I am eating better than I ever have in my life. It’s an uncomplicated approach that is truly doable for everyone. She is an amazing teacher and it goes way beyond nutrition. After every session there is an email full of information and recipes and sometime links to great restaurants I need to try or cool magazines I should check out. She is so encouraging and fights with the negative voice inside my head for me, so I am able to grow and enjoy this process. I have been able to dust off my free spirited self that had been bogged down by adulthood and really live again. At our last session we did yoga together and as I listened to her talk, it hit me, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

~Harmony Johnstone-Reeser

Time with Meg is doing what Results-Not-Typical diets never did: Instead of just doing different, I also feel different. Instead of just doing better, I’m also feeling better. No guilt or anxiety. No counting or lists. No pressure to perform. Just attention and intention. My new grocery shopping mantra: “Don’t eat from a chart, eat from the heart”. It’s likely a longer road to a healthy me, but now it’s a path that I’m enjoying…and Meg is my delightful sherpa for this journey.
Crystal Williams,  Online Business Advisor

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