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Salad Alchemy. Pure food magic.


Salad Alchemy is 7 lovely, life shifting salads, with ingredients that hold in them legend, story, nutrients, and energy to transform your body and belief system about food.

This is not your ordinary cookbook or recipe book.

This is seven story-centric salad recipes that serve to guide you into a deeper understanding of how pleasurable the preparation and consumption of food can be. It can be an ecstatic experience, even if you’re eating salad.

Salad! Who knew?

The current food paradigm would have you checking micronutrients and fretting over the balance of carbs or proteins on your plate. Boring.

Salad Alchemy says, “No thank you,” to rigid dietary thinking and makes plenty of dancing room for dynamism, effervescence, and you.

Salad Alchemy uses walnuts because they look like adorable little brains. Because of course it does.


Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in your beautiful, digital copy of Salad Alchemy:

Table of Contents:

1. Creativity Salad  – Let me start by just calling out all of you who claim you’re not creative…

2. Power Salad – Power is the ability to hold space, stillness, and silence…

3. Genius Salad – “One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius…”

4. Transformation Salad – Transformation is accessible, it is yours to claim…

5. Stability Salad – Stability is not staid; it is in constant motion…

6. Beauty Salad – Dear gorgeous, your luminosity is a service to the world…

7. Love Salad – Food connects us to the divine…

AND there is a simple, tasty and highway-tested recipe to accompany each one.

(NOTE: Beautiful images in Salad Alchemy are all thanks to Erica Ann Photography)

I loved Salad Alchemy. Meg Worden is bringing magic, and beauty to salads, and inviting us into a conversation and exploration of how what we eat can feed our creativity, courage, beauty and success. Combing ancient wisdom, legend and modern science, Salad Alchemy reminds us how a warm, root vegetable salad helps us feel grounded as well as nourished and that the Greeks believed eating watercress “makes us witty.” Wonderfully written, beautifully designed, smart, kind and funny. This is a salad recipe book like none you’ve encountered before.

Marianne Elliott


Meg’s Salad Alchemy recipes are more than just recipes — they’re heart- and spirit-centered nudges toward more love, more creativity, more power, more beauty, more stability, more genius, and more transformation than you may have thought possible for yourself. I truly adore her Genius Salad — hel-lo, Calimyrna figs! — as well as Meg’s humor, which is served generously alongside every recipe. A win-win-win for your body, soul, and spirit. Eat up!

Abby Kerr


Salad Alchemy will change the way you think about salad. These recipes are meditations in disguise, infused with love and devotion. Really. They are so much fun to make. And they’re great for eating, too! I’ve made them at gatherings and watched them disappear while guests marveled at the combinations. And don’t worry about being the person that brings the boring salad that people pick at hesitantly – these are damn fine looking salads. Completely irresistible.

Andrea Lewicki


Salad Alchemy is very nearly almost yours. Just click the button below and you and Salad Alchemy can run slow motion into each other’s loving arms.

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Available in 3 ways:

  • One Copy: Just $4.99 *Cue John Cusack holding up a boom box underneath your window*
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Mostly, darlings, Salad Alchemy is an invitation to conversation. I would love to hear your questions, comments and feedback by email or on twitter @megworden, #SaladAlchemy.

I believe you are meant for great things. I believe you are already in possession of unbelievable bravery, tenacity and luminosity. I believe the world is waiting with bated breath for your light.

Enjoy the book and the salads.

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