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Single Session

Who It’s Great For:

This is absolutely perfect for picking my brain about anything regarding, but not limited to: being a health coach, unschooling, or having an online business. This is also a great maintenance for previous clients.

What’s On The Table:

How to get started as a health coach/entrepreneur? Can I make a living doing what you do? Who is your team and can I get some of what they are giving? Thoughts, resources, love, and unfettered attention. Like a shot of wheatgrass, it’s a quick infusion of clarity to send you in a very specific direction. No navel-gazing, just guidance and information.

What’s Included:

  • 60-minutes of my love and expertise by phone or Skype audio: straight up, no chaser. Q&A-style.
  • My take on up to one to three interrelated questions.
  • Recipes, resources, referrals. Varies.

The Gist:

The Quickie is truly just a quickie and not intended for setting long term goals or the guided formation of new habits. Just brain-picking and encouragement.

How Much:


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