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Six Months

Who It’s Great For:

You, when you’re ready to look closely at all the factors holding you back from achieving and maintaining peace with food, body, business, relationships, and lifestyle. You’ve tried it all. You’ve tasted it all (or so you think). And you’re finally, resoundingly ready for real change. If you want to change your life in a fundamental and sustainable way, this is for you. Our work together will surprise us both with results we haven’t even imagined yet. Our work together will provide real, pragmatic, no bullshit solutions. Our work together creates a solid foundation for a lighter body and life.

do i need a health coachWhat’s On The Table:

Everything. Seriously. We allow your whole life — work, love, money, family, creativity, sexuality — to give us access to what you’re ready to learn about your relationship with food. And vice versa. Nothing is turned away. The 6-Month time frame affords you complete lifestyle and habit transformation. We’ll implement new ideas, introduce new foods, and practice new habits. I’ll be at your side throughout to help you stay clear, focused, and excited. Your goals are your results. The results of this program are total and sustainable transformation, eradication of food cravings and many common health concerns, total shift in sleep and energy, and a sturdy foundation for achieving optimal weight.

What’s Included:

  • 12x 60 minute bi-weekly sessions by phone or Skype audio

  • Powerful bite-sized ideas customized to your unique context each session

  • Personalized techniques to eradicate food addictions and address emotional eating

  • Email support between sessions

  • Recipes and resources that are simple and highly individualized to your lifestyle

  • Lifestyle suggestions that will have you feeling peaceful, confident, and alive

  • Books, gifts, handouts (varies for each client according to themes and ideas discussed)

  • My complete support and unwavering commitment to your success

  • Bonus: Personalized smoothie recipe

  • Bonus: A copy of Salad Alchemy (a $4.99 value)

The Gist:

Why 6 months? Change is a process and we don’t want to shortchange your transformation. Scientific studies show that 6 months is the optimal length of time for true and sustainable lifestyle change. My commitment to your results is paramount and I will be unrelenting in the pursuit of your optimal health. This is powerful work that needs to be done in a frame that’s long enough to produce sustainable new habits and maximum integration.

How Much:

$2995 (monthly payment plans available $499 per month. $100 discount applied with full payment)

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