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Soldier Up: Redefining Self Care for a Revolution

Calling all real life humans who feel WTF about themselves & the world:   


This is a reminder that things can still make sense.

Stoplights still turn green. Blenders still blend.
And revolutionaries still storm the fences.   

This is a reminder that people are still (mostly) good.


We hold our hands outpalms up and fingers reachingand try to pull others up. We rally at airports when our brothers and sisters are being unjustly cockblocked. We march the streets and wave our signs and support each other, plain and simple.


This is a reminder that what you’re doing matters.


I know we want to hide away from the world, but now more than ever, the world NEEDS our fortitude, kindness, and unstoppable spirit.


And this is a reminder that when we are woke and wickedly whole…
we are a powerful force.


It’s these sort of hopeful sentiments, whispered so quietly to ourselves, that seep into our souls and soothe our uncertainty. Our digital alarm clocks tick up another number. And with our mouths buried under the edge of the comfortercondensation from our breathe making that little space beneath our noses clammy and coldwe say outloud what our hearts have been shouting internally for decades:


I need a little help, here.


Because the world mostly feels like a festering shitstorm with a chance of afternoon Fuck This. Work seems impossible. Meeting up with a friend for a drink feels like the equivalent of hauling your discouraged ass up Everest. Your body creaks when you sit up in bed. Your brain putters to a complete stop.


And any healthy habits you’ve managed to cobble together get forgotten between the first and fifth slice of pizza, leaving you an emotional WASTELAND and physically spent. All the puzzle pieces to that full-belly feeling of contentment are there, scattered on your dining room table (next to the stack of Indian takeout menus.) The problem is you’re too overwhelmed and overworked to start.


This is when you SOLDIER UP.  


Because it’s time to redefine health. (It’s not just about feeling comfortable in your skin.) Rather, health is what makes us more powerful healers, helpers, radicals, resisters, pragmatic planners, and manifestors of magic. True health creates a YOU-shaped space of HOPE in a world that would drain you of it if it could. And when you think about health’s innate ability to protect you, propel you forward (and change up your footing), self-care stops being an obligation and starts being a powerful privilege the size of the damn sun. ( Not a hyperbole. This shit is *that* big.)


Whole health means you are fully in control of the vehicle of your body. Clearing out some space for self-care sets you up to drive that thing around like Knight Rider, rather than some dinky remote control car that could never fit all the facets of perfect imperfection that you are. Taking excellent care of yourself means you stop expecting the world to take care of you in unhealthy ways. It means you are tapped into a source of power you don’t have to struggle to manufacture. It means you have all you need and more to give. It’s Soldier Status in the fight for your personal, and our collective, freedoms.


Learn to love and lead differently.

And live a life by your very own design.

Only $99
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What it looks like on the outside:


SOLDERING UP means claiming 11 hours of info-and-inspiration-rich audio (MP3) from last year’s The Liberation Front  group calls. With a focus on redefining health & self care, these are the recordings you’ll want to listen to over and over again, delivered all at once. Each hour-long track covers a different meaningful subject, from what success looks like to how to lose weight, and offers a guided breathing exercise. Breathing is good.


In other words, it’s non-health coachy health coaching for grounded people who actually want to change. Listen to the recordings in the car. At the gym. Hanging upside down off the bed. Hanging upside down in space. Hanging upside down off a bed in space. Your choice.


What it does on your insides:


SOLDIERING UP creates an electric positive feedback loop that helps you get over the hellish hurdle of figuring out how to feel good about who you are, what you’re doing, and the world you’re living in. (It also turns your body into a clear and spacious environment that ushers in success.)  


Think of it as the purest form of transformation. You’re tapping into the central strength and resilience of who you are in order to shore yourself up. More energy means bigger investments in yourself, your hustle, and your entire community. (It’s the ripple effect of radical self-love.)


See also: You’ll have an easier go at this whole life thing while making more of an impact.


Since you’ll be saddled with exactly ZERO big bags of guilt for what you’re not doing, it’s all that hard-to-talk-about life stuff, turned easy listening. (Sorry, thoughno jazz.)




Redefining Success


Success isn’t a place to get to. It’s a state of being. Just like success houses those feel-good emotions like pride and confidence, the inverse is also true. Sometimes, success feeds off those feelings that we’re not good enough. It defines and redefines our worth by our immediate circumstances. AndI’ll say this more than onceself doubt is proof we’re not sociopaths. (It reminds us we care.)


I’m here to tell you we’re perfect just the way we are, and we still need a lot of work.

P.S. Success is the best revenge. (Just sayin’.)


Redefining Health


Of course you know this, but it’s not just diet and exercise. But really, do you know it know it? Health is holistic, it’s about wholeness and unity, about freedom and space. Health is everything from the deepest, most tenderest parts of your sweet psyche, out through your incredible vehicle of your body and into the world. Also I talk about punching kittens. Or, rather, not punching them.


Redefining Digestion


The machine of your body transforms everything you eat and drink into art and great ideas. Since the care of your digestive system is such a powerful way to nurture your body, it gets pushed to the top of the priority list. Care for your digestive system, and it will care for you.  


This is Digestive Systems 101, covering things like what a normal digestive system feels like, how to get there (so you can adjust accordingly), and why you can use your cravings for chocolate covered pretzels as datajust to name a few.


Redefining Hunger


What is our deepest heart’s desire? What are we really hungry for? Hold these hungers up to the light. Name them. Get curious. Follow them.


Hunger motivates and moves us. It is the impetus that makes our world richer and more full. It’s a mechanism that tells us what the right next step iseven though it can sometimes be hard to wrangle. Overeating. Emotional eating. Shame. Guilt. Fuck that.


I talk about where different types of hunger come from in the body, equip you with tools to stay balanced and happy around food, and lead you towards a place of self love and satisfaction. Everything you do plays out on your plate.


Redefining Weight Loss


There are two types of weight: physical, and emotional. Getting rid of physical weight is a matter of shedding pounds off your body. Losing emotional weight is a little trickerbut by no means impossible. Regardless of the type of weight, we all want to feel light in the world. We want to navigate without the heavy B.S. that slow us down and trip us up. We want to be comfortable in our bodies, because we only get one.


But at its core, weight loss is an imperfect science based on fluctuating numbers. The reality of losing weight is that sometimes we fall into the habit of being someone who wants to lose weight versus someone who actually does. It’s the difference between spending hours on Amazon looking for a new coffee makerand actually going out and buying a coffee maker. One wastes your time. The other delivers a delicious cup of coffee. You dig?


Ultimately, do you really want to lose weight? Are you willing to practice radical self love and stay awake to the definition, results, and dynamism of a body and life size?


Redefining Generosity


The biggest take-away I want us to have is the shift from thinking generosity means giving yourself away until there’s nothing left to give. (It’s the crucial difference between generosity and martyrdom.) Instead, it’s the practice of giving infinitely because you’re so strong, flexible, expansive, and embodied that abundance can’t help but flow through you.


It takes strength and confidence to let the energy of the Universe in, but when we do, everyone benefits. Think: generosity galore. As our tolerance for joy increases, our joy becomes contagious. (Remember when I mentioned positive feedback loops? Yeah. That.)


Let kindness be your religion.


Redefining Exercise


Raise your hand if you’re tired of being told you should exercise? Raise your hand if “exercise” sounds like “torture”. Raise your hand if your two mile jogs give you runners shame because they aren’t ultra marathons? Ok. Now sit down and relax, mama. We’ve loaded this word “exercise” up with so much “should” it’s painful for the non-athletic to even think about. But it can be gentle. It can be joyful. It can be about grounding and grief and the ability to keep circulating. It can look totally different than you’ve ever imagined and that can be enough.


Redefining Food


As we delve deeper into Primary and Secondary foods, you’ll learn that we are what we eat. Literally. But we aren’t only what we eat. We’re everything we consume. What we choose to physically digest can radically affect our ability to digest (and transform) information and stimulus, impacting the way we work, love, and live.

What we eat and drink can turn us into electric, crackling conduits for art and for loveand still be a great, easy social activity. I help you explore the how .


Redefining Self Care


You already know that self care is revolutionary. Within simple daily practices rests the unbridled power to change how we talk to ourselves (“strong quads” vs. “thunder thighs”), how we interact with other people (making eye contact and mumbling vs. pushing open the door and striding through), and how we leave our mark (making a butt indent on the couch vs. creating a yarn-based installation art project).


Rather than repeating back to you things we’ve all already read on Pinterest, I pull back the curtain and talk in-depth about my own self care routine. Ideas to (guiltlessly) swipe. Inspiration to hone a unique routine that fits your life best. And resources to help you get from planning to performance.


Redefining Heart Health / Love


When it comes to the rhythmic beating of both our physical and spiritual emotional hearts, boundaries are their very best friend. By setting clear parameters around our time, head space, and physical space, we’re planting our flags and claiming our own emotional territories.

The heart is boundless in its power and spectacular in its capacity to feel. I talk about how doing cardio can heal a broken heart. How to set the boundaries that are so crucial to any sort of Happily Ever After. How to love with your whole self without giving a single bit away.



Redefining Anger

Oh honey, I feeeeeel you when it comes to being pissed off and not knowing how to get it out of your system in a healthy way, or at all because anger is so “unbecoming”. And, yet, there is so much to be angry about. The allocation of suffering is arbitrary AF, and rarely deserved. Our skill set to manage the suffering is often quilted together by experience, denial, addiction, acceptance, and more suffering, rather than positive examples, or lessons, on how to cope. But we can do better. We can see ourselves as more expansive, more complex, able to house a full spectrum of emotions! Anger and love can absolutely coexist. I mean, how can they not?


You have the incredible ability
to heal from the inside out.

To take up space on the subway
without hunching your shoulders.

To visit your friend in rehab, offering a
hug that breaks the minute mark.

To laugh too loudly in crowded restaurants
the center of attention, and attentively centered.  

This is change. Take my hand.

Cost: $99
Soldier up and order now



Want a free sample? Enter your email below to get an hour-long audio from Soldier Up—free.


Copywriting that does its bleeping job by Verve & Vigour.

Note: I’m incredibly aware, in my line of work, that much of the healing the world needs comes at a cost that excludes many of the people who need it most. I have chosen to price as low as possible. If it is still out of your budget, but it’s speaking right to your guts, please do email me and we will make it happen.

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